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“Leva Tribina” (Serbia) Fanzine


The idea of creating zina “Leva tribina” appeared a few months ago and we are currently implement this project. Was initiated by the people of a small, informal, non-hierarchical Militant anti-fascist groups from Nis (city in south-eastern Serbia).  Fanzine is a continuation of the same name of the blog, which was created six months ago. As the name implies fanzine (and blog) cover the activities of left-wing and anti-fascist groups of fans, mainly from the sphere of football. We do not miss the opportunity to cover the news about other sports where there is a left-wing political overtones. Fanzine published monthly and regularly at the moment, recently released third edition. While we are quite happy with the result. The first issue was published edition of 50 copies and is distributed in the district of Nis, it can be purchased at infoshop “Furija” in Belgrade and “DC” Social Center of Novi Sad. The third issue has attracted a much larger readership. We send fanzines in Belgrade (two points), yet we have readers from Kikinda, Sombor, Krusevac, Babušnica, etc. Thus the spread of zine has doubled since the release of the third issue.
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