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Wildfire: Issue 4 (April 2016)



[Download Issue #4] (Prints 8.5×11)

Here’s the fourth issue of Wildfire. We’re a little late in posting it online because, well, we’ve been busy. Prison struggle in the U.S. is heating up and spreading. Coordinated action is being called for September 9th, with work stoppages being planned in multiple states. June 11th, the international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners, is just weeks away. Rebels throughout the world have their sights on the end of this prison society and the flowering of total freedom in its wake. We’d like to write more, but we’ll let this issue of Wildfire speak for itself.
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Η κατάρα των μνημονίων // Bee Sting // Πομακοχώρια: μία επιτηρούμενη ζώνη // Μετανάστες: μια βιοπολιτική της αποτροπής // antifa διαδήλωση // Hot spot στη Χίο: ανταπόκριση // Κέντρο κράτησης Κορίνθου: Ένας Μαροκινός μιλάει // Μια (εναλλακτική) ακροδεξιά για τη Γερμανία // …Και για την Αυστρία // Λένε // Πραγματικότητα και μυθοπλασία στην μπητ λογοτεχνία: Μπάροουζ // Aleppo Diary
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Black & Pink Newspaper (Prison Abolition Now!)


The Black and Pink Newspaper has been distributed free of charge to a rapidly growing list of LGBTQ prisoners around the country since 2010! In October 2015, it was sent to over 8,200 prisoners.  Each issue is full of submissions from our incarcerated members, along with relevant news, history, and opinions from the free world and a letter from Rev. Jason Lydon.  We recently included a calendar so that prisoners in solitary confinement can keep track of which day it is.  Periodically, the newspaper includes a form for prisoners to update their PenPal listing.  Each month, we ask prisoners to reply to a feedback question via mail to inform our organizing efforts.
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Recent Holman Riots // Prisoner Hotsheet


Some folks in St. Louis recently sent out this hotsheet to over 300 contacts in Missouri and surrounding states. In hopes of spreading the rebellions, feel free to print it and mail it to prisoners near you. Let prisoners on the inside know more about what has been erupting out of an Alabama prison. There is a space on the last page to add your return address.

Holman Riot Hotsheet

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Wreck 3 is Out!


wreck [vancouver]

Announcing the third edition of Wreck. We are putting this out with the aims to create an anarchist discourse within so called Vancouver. Anarchist discourse is dominated by those with the loudest voices, from those who have podcasts to others who engage in social media. We want to create our own narratives, specific to our conditions. An anarchist perspective encourages those to speak who have passion, being a man or having a university education is no qualifier for a valued opinion.
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[USA] Help Print 10,000 Copies of Fire to the Prisons and Give Them out For Free!


In February 2015, we returned to publishing Fire to the Prisons. After a three year hiatus, we came back to this project with full force. Over a year later, we are happy to report that almost all of the 10,000 printed copies have been distributed across North America and abroad. Thanks to the support, donations, and contributions of comrades across the world, we were able to create a very loud voice.
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