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The New Inquisition A Grotesque Frameup Against Anarchists (1994-2004 italy)


What follows is a series of events directly leading up to and during what has come to be known as the ‘Marini trial’. It in no way encompasses all the acts of rebellion or the response of the forces of repression involving anarchists and rebels in Italy during the period covered.
Some events which came to be attributed to anarchists took place in years far preceding 1994. They were then inserted into the ‘theorem’ and phantom organisation, the ‘O.R.A.I.’ so dear to public prosecutor Marini, who took many years and great pains to ensure that the comrades accused would spend centuries behind bars. As this website develops, the whole incredible picture should emerge for comrades to see and draw their own conclusions.
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Revolutionary Solidarity: A Challenge

The tendency to fall into a defensive attitude in the face of repression is best counteracted by developing an understanding and practice of revolutionary solidarity.

Revolutionary solidarity is, above all, a revolutionary practice. What this means is that it carries within itself the aims of revolution. For this reason, as anarchists, we cannot base solidarity on any authoritarian or economic foundations. It is not a matter of obligation, duty or debt. No one owes anyone solidarity, regardless of what they have done or what they are going through. Rather the basis of solidarity is the recognition of one’s own struggle in that of others — in other words, complicity. This is of major importance. If solidarity is the recognition of my own struggle in the struggle of others, it is carried out in practice precisely through continue that struggle, continuing to attack this social order, and doing so with a focus on what unites my struggle with that of others.
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