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Greenhouse Infoshop Project Newsletter!


Fresh from the printer!
           After all the Food Not Bombs, Film Screenings and lots of troubles and activities we have decided to launch our first newsletter which will be distributed around the community of Granview Heights Subdivision. There will be new projects and activities to come like; Art workshops, library hours, urban gardening & solar power energy workshop. More new films, video and documentary also to be shown.

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Philippines: Support the Greenhouse Infoshop mobile library!


My name is Noel Regachuelo I am a community organizer, gardener, artist and a designer. I maintain the Greenhouse Infoshop Project, an autonomous space & a community library. Our space is located far from the city, so I designed a mobile library that can go to any places at any time. The design is simple yet compact and practical, with the use of my road bike attached to the cart library, composed of (zine shelves, book shelves, compartment, battery, solar panel, video projector & speakers).  As a community organizer my visions are; to share knowledge, skills and support communities thru library, gardening, art and music, towards sustainability and autonomy.

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Philippines: Video update from Greenhouse Infoshop Project

Greenhouse Infoshop Project is a grassroots autonomous space promoting sustainable community relation through Library, Workshops, Art Exhibits, Film Screening, Food not Bombs, Gardening and other causes for social and ecological dynamic transformation following the principles of Direct-Action, Mutual-Aid, Voluntary Cooperation, Free Association and Non-Hierarchical relation. You can make a donation HERE



Anti-Election Action – Baliwag Bulacan Philippines


20 January 2016 – the anti-election campaign initiated by Local Autonomous Network (LAN) was hosted by Food Not Bombs (FNB) crew in Baliwag Bulacan.  Anarcho punks and FNB volunteers of the said locality conducted series of activities from food preparation, food sharing, inter-action with street children and homeless people.  Due to lack of materials, T-shirt printing was cancelled LAN volunteers provided silk screen to the local volunteers for them to continue the activity in their convenient time. While FNB crew was busy distributing food, Mag-isa collective installed its Radyo Kalye facility; host of volunteers from Safehouse Infoshop and street children conducted spontaneous program which effectively catched public’s attention.
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Philippines: An Anti-Election piece & Food Not Bombs Action

wp_20151220_019    wp_20151220_014

The mud-slinging, the ridiculous character assassinations, and cyber-bullying being done by followers of the politicians aspiring for the 2016 Philippine presidency are indicators that it is all a sham recycled from several decades ago. This is why I stand by my opinion that there are better things to do to change the country than voting. This is because, whoever wins, a large part of the country’s population will still go hungry and their lives will barely change. An empty stomach, lack of shelter, and no access to proper health care can’t wait another six years.
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Feral Crust: Herbal Medicine Handbook Announce


Feral Crust is a community based autonomous space in the slum area of Taguig, Philippines. Since March 2014 the Feral Crust space is located on Mabato Road Brgy, a squatted public road near cement and other industrial factories. Although by next year we are planning to move on the edges of Davao City aiming to setup a small permaculture land project, an anarchist infoshop and a social center based in the countryside, much closer to nature.
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INDOKUMENTADO is a section of the Onsite Infoshop devoted to research and publication, it seeks to explore anarchism as distinctly practiced in the archipelago through the multi-disciplinary approach of science, social sciences, folklore and actual practices.  We are interested to trace this tradition of Philippine anarchism from the Pleistocene era to establish our basis for asserting non-hierarchical politics. We also want to learn from our prehistoric past, proto-history and documented history to regain our “own” self and identity.  From the wisdom of our primitive social relationships we can conceptualize development that upholds equality and forge a society free from patriarchy and ecology friendly.
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