24-25.06.2016: «ULTRA CHAOS PIKNIK» fest: [Poland]:



Call out for AntiFrontex Days Evrywhere! 21-23 May 2016 | Apel o Dni AntyFronteksowe Wszędzie 21-23 maja 2016


AntiFrontex 21-23.05.2016

This year more than ever, we need your support to say NO to the European Union’s migration policies and criminal activities of its border control agency, the Frontex.       Closing borders and cutting the wealthy Europe off from the countries of South and East – plundered and kept in poverty – aims at preserving inequalities on both sides. Borders do not only work outwards. Their tightening causes increasing limitation of people’s rights and freedom also here, in Europe. Shifting the “problem” of migration onto countries such as Turkey, ignoring the death of thousands in the Mediterranean, imprisonment of those seeking help and better life in Europe, are directly linked to preserving capitalism as a system, in its most bloodthirsty variant.
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Poland: Update on accused and imprisoned anarchist comrades

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Received on 30.04.16: 
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Three months in jail for eviction blockade


On the 27th of April Lukasz Bukowski, a participant of Anarchist Federation Poznan, Poland, went to prison for three months. He had been charged and sentenced with the breach of bodily integrity of a police officer which had happened during the eviction blockade of a disabled woman and her husband, Katrzyna and Ryszard Jencz, from a tenement house in Poznan, Poland. Lukasz refused to pay the fine, which then was changed to community work and then to a prison term. He appeared at a prison in Poznan where he will spend the next three months.
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8APR 8-9.04 Poznań [Rozbrat] FUCK FASCISM FEST #4



13MAR Koncert! Norms [hun] , Berosszulás [hun] oraz “Coś jeszcze”


Cthulhupunx D.I.Y zaprasza 13 marca 2016, o godzinie 19:00 do Szczecińskiego Loftu Kultury (P1), przy ulicy Krzysztofa Kolumba 4, na obfitą porcję, ostrego punkovego leczo!!!
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D.I.Y. HARDCORE PUNK FEST VOL. 12 – 08-10.07.2016 – GDYNIA


161 FEST | 19.03.2016


161 FEST | 19.03.2016

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hc punk night @ Rozbrat squat (Poznan)


Zapraszam na niedzielny wieczorek zapoznawczy z dwiema kapelami, żeby ten dzień nie kojarzył się tylko z kościołem będzie nam bliżej do szatiego niż pana w niebiosach.
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