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Interview With Two Members Of Rote Zora


Let’s start with who you are.

Zora 1: If this is a personal question, then we are women between the ages of 20 and 51. Some of us sell our labour, some of us take what we need, and others are “parasites” on the welfare state. Some have children, some don’t. Some women are lesbians, others love men. We buy in disgusting supermarkets, we live in ugly houses, we like going for walks or to the cinema, the theatre or the disco. We have parties and we cultivate idleness. And of course we live with the contradictions that many things we want to do can’t be done spontaneously. But after successful actions we have great fun.
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Every Heart A Time Bomb


Throughout time, women have struggled in armed groups, but for the most part the reality of the contribution has been suppressed. But the times are now different. The contribution of women in the guerrilla has become so large that this mechanism no longer functions. The division of labour has also been undermined: women assume the responsibility for the infrastructure, men do the actions. Subversive women’s groups like Rote Zora are still few, but things are changing! We do not want only to carry out some actions, but also to describe the apparent reality of the ossified relationships we are forced to live with – even if we don’t find this easy.
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Rote Zora


Rote Zora fue un grupo de lucha armada de mujeres que participaban en las RZ (Células Revolucionarias) su primer ataque fue en 1975, al Tribunal Constitucional, en contra del art. 218 que penalizaba el aborto. Esta primera acción fue firmada como «mujeres de las RZ».
En 1977 atacan la Cámara Federal Alemana de Médicos ya bajo el nombre de Rote Zora.
Durante casi 20 años Rote Zora llevó a cabo numerosas acciones en apoyo a diferentes luchas feministas. La última acción de Rote Zora tuvo lugar en 1994. En 1996 anunció su disolución.
Este libro es una recopilación de sus comunicados y análisis.

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