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An excerpt from a letter from Sean:

Prisons are definitely operating wrong and are creating greater social problems than what they purport to “solve”. But the fact is, the justice and prison systems are not operating to address crime and criminality. Prisons serve racial, economic, and political motives, and the prisons do so quite well. So, any effort to reform the prisons must be based on the false premise that prisons “aren’t working,” when in fact, they are working perfectly. They are keeping minority populations from booming, they are working as a relief valve on the unemployment rate; they are keeping the rabble-rousers off the campuses and out of the factories and tilting the political spectrum to the right.
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Abolishing Slavery


When I speak of prison abolition rather than prison reform, even those opposed to prison will gasp and run in circles like Chicken Little anticipating the sky falling. But I don’t even advocate JUST the abolition of the prison system, but hierarchy in general, the end of the few ruling the many, of the State dictating to everyone.
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Vote Swain for Revolution in 2016


I’m Anarchist Prisoner Sean Swain, and I’m running for president. As far as I know, I’m the only presidential candidate who has been completely silenced by the FBI, forced to smuggle communications out of prison. And for good reason. My only campaign promise is to remain in office only for ninety days, with the expressed aim to abolish the United States, once and for all. Yep. I promise to take this motherfucker down.
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Send Sean some reading material!


Warren Correctional Institution, not content with merely restricting Sean’s communications with the outside world, has now assigned a lieutenant to read through all printed materials sent to Sean.
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Bloomington, IN (USA): Banner hung in solidarity with anarchist prisoner Sean Swain


We hung a banner in solidarity with Sean Swain’s struggles against the prison system in Ohio. Despite repeatedly being transferred and having his communications cut off, Sean remains uncompromising in his pursuit of freedom, putting his life on the line in struggle against the state. We keep his words and deeds with us as we carry out our own struggles against prison society.

Fundraising, letters, demonstrations, banners, graffiti, and direct attacks form a bright tapestry of revolutionary solidarity. Let’s always be searching for new ways to break down the isolation of imprisonment and build complicity through the prison walls.


I’m Still Alive


sean swain

Well, I’m still alive. This is really awkward. I didn’t plan on this.

The current suspension of my communications started at the end of August. The fascists simply cut off all of my outgoing communication the equivalent to putting duct tape on my face.
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Para los rebeldes, insurreccionistas y hacktivistas de todas partes.


De Sean Swain

Estoy enterrado a diez mil millas en un cementerio, pero todavía sigo peleando con todo lo que tengo. Le di al estado un ultimátum: restablecer mis comunicaciones o me niego a la medicación para la presión arterial – lo que me conducirá a un ataque al corazón, accidente cerebrovascular, o a un aneurisma. El estado no se ha movido y yo tampoco, ahora estoy sin tomar medicinas y con un aumento en la presión arterial. Si muero espero que toda la gente que lea estas líneas se sienta tan responsable como yo.
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The Final Straw interview with Michael


First off some words from Sean Swain on morality. Spoiler alert: it may not exist!!
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To Rebels, Insurrectionists, and Hacktivists Everywhere



I’m ten thousand miles in the mouth of a graveyard, but I’m still swinging with all that I’ve got. I gave the state an ultimatum: reinstate my communications or I’ll refuse blood pressure meds – which will lead to heart attack, stroke, or aneurysm. The state hasn’t budged and neither have I. I’m now out of meds and facing a spike in blood pressure. If I die I hope everyone reading this holds the same people responsible for my death as I do.
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EEUU: Palabras de Sean Swain, anarquista preso de larga condena, por el Diciembre Negro.


Diciembre Negro.

Diciembre Negro viene, y justo a tiempo. Hemos discutido a fondo nuestras teorías y hemos analizado nuestra realidad, sabemos qué tipo de futuro queremos y lo que vamos a tener que destrozar con el fin de conseguirlo. El tiempo para filosofar y hablar hacia fuera ha terminado y enfrentamos el momento inevitable de conflicto con las fuerzas de control, conformidad y sometimiento.
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