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Spari della polizia tedesca al confine con l’Austria. Tensione sempre più alta alla frontiera serbo-ungherese


E’ notizia di pochissimo tempo fa che la polizia tedesca ha sparato a salve verso decine di persone che hanno tentato di passare dalla frontiera che separa Austria e Germania. Allo stesso tempo, a Rozske e in altri punti dell’ Ungheria assistiamo al faccia a faccia tra forze militari e migliaia di persone accalcate alle recinzioni che fanno pressione tentando di oltrepassarle e/o abbatterle in barba al contingente repressivo da vero e proprio stato di guerra.
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Anti-fascist movement in Nis (Serbia)


Although our group exists for four years already, ANTIFA Niš is still an informal, grassroot and self-organized group, which is the politics we do not plan to abandon no matter how this fact can actually slow us down. It is only under these conditions do we consider our struggle sincere and true. One will certainly agree that especially nowadays “antifascism” and “antifascist” are labels used by all kinds of individuals, groups and organizations, which for us is a big problem, as we believe antifascism should in no way be separated from the class struggle. Every important issue for our group is planned, developed or discussed on the meetings which we try to hold regularly once a week.
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“Leva Tribina” (Serbia) Fanzine


The idea of creating zina “Leva tribina” appeared a few months ago and we are currently implement this project. Was initiated by the people of a small, informal, non-hierarchical Militant anti-fascist groups from Nis (city in south-eastern Serbia).  Fanzine is a continuation of the same name of the blog, which was created six months ago. As the name implies fanzine (and blog) cover the activities of left-wing and anti-fascist groups of fans, mainly from the sphere of football. We do not miss the opportunity to cover the news about other sports where there is a left-wing political overtones. Fanzine published monthly and regularly at the moment, recently released third edition. While we are quite happy with the result. The first issue was published edition of 50 copies and is distributed in the district of Nis, it can be purchased at infoshop “Furija” in Belgrade and “DC” Social Center of Novi Sad. The third issue has attracted a much larger readership. We send fanzines in Belgrade (two points), yet we have readers from Kikinda, Sombor, Krusevac, Babušnica, etc. Thus the spread of zine has doubled since the release of the third issue.
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History of Organized Fascism in Serbia


Sava Devurić


1. Emergence of organized fascism

Although Serbia/Yugoslavia was and still is a generally conservative environment, I think that it could be said fascism, in a strict definition, was a relatively small movement within it. Early on there were proto-fascist groups, like the conspiratorial Black Hand in the pre-1918 period, and various fascistic groups in the 1920’s (ORJUNA and others). The first more ideologically well-defined fascist groups in Serbia and Yugoslavia appeared in the first half of 1930’s (not counting the Croatian Ustašas, which are a separate issue). These smaller groups united in 1935, and this is how the Yugoslav National Movement Zbor (Rally) was formed, led by a Serbian lawyer Dimitrije Ljotić.

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“Infoshop Furija is an autonomous space in a squatted building of InexFilm.
The space of the infoshop is used for libertarian practice and theory, that is, for organizing of counter-cultural events such as discussions, film screenings, distribution of radical literature and building the culture of solidarity and mutual aid.
Infoshop Furija is located at the address Višnjička 76, Belgrade.

“Infošop Furija je autonomni prostor koji se nalazi u skvotiranoj zgradi InexFilm.
Prostor infošopa namenjen je slobodarskoj praksi i teoriji odnosno organizovanju kontrakulturnih događaja poput diskusija i projekcija filmova, distribuciji radikalne literature i građenju kulture solidarnosti i uzajamne pomoći.
Infošop Furija se nalazi na adresi Višnjička 76, Beograd.”