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Greece: The “plea” of anarcho-nihilist Spyros Mandylas for Phoenix Project (en/es)


Note from Insurrection News: Phoenix Project was initiated in Athens, Greece on the 7th of June 2013 when a car owned by the director of Korydallos prison, Maria Stefi, was blown up by the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire FAI-IRF and the Gangs of Conscience FAI-IRF, ‘Sole-Baleno’ cell who then released a communique announcing the project. It’s stated aim was “the rebirth and the dynamic comeback of the urban guerrilla,” a project that would create the terms of the rise of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire from the ashes left behind by police oppression. Phoenix Project then spread with attacks occurring again in Greece and further afield in Indonesia, Russia, Mexico, United Kingdom, Italy, Chile and Germany. Phoenix Project is still ongoing, with the most recent action occurring on 10.01.16. in Chile with an explosive attack against a private security company in Santiago that was claimed by Anarchist Arson Attack Cell ‘Fire And Consciousness’ FAI-IRF. For more information about Phoenix Project, the website 325 has a chronological archive of posts that includes videos, communiques and downloadable booklets related to the project that can be accessed here. It has been such a lengthy initiative that it would be very difficult to summarize it in just a couple of paragraphs here! 
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