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The Phoenix Project: Initiatives of Combative Anarchy, 2013-2014


A collection of the first 14 communiqués of the Phoenix Project, an anarchist initiative of informal attacks against power.

We present this as a minor contribution to the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners. Solidarity to all imprisoned comrades and those on the run!

From the text:

For us, there is no middle ground. They who declare openly their anarchist intentions are facing a decisive dilemma, to either act or give up anarchy forever. There can never be anarchy at the rear of coffee shops and gossiping… Either act or shut up…


untorelli press

Insurrectionary Anarchism


A collection of two of our older publications on insurrectionary anarchy. “Some Notes on Insurrectionary Anarchism” by sasha k. lays out the basic principles of insurrectionary anarchism: attack, autonomous self-organization, rejection of management, illegality, informality, the synthesis of individualism and communism, and immediacy. “Without a Trace” (from the UK publication Do or Die) echoes these ideas and elaborates upon the possibility of anonymity and generalization.


Untorelli Press

On Organization


by Jacques Camatte and Gianni Collu

From the text:

The existence of the gangs derives therefore from the tendency of capital to absorb its contradictions, from its movement of  negation and from its reproduction in a fictitious form. Capital denies, or tends to deny, the basic principles on which it erects itself; but, in reality, it revives them under a fictitious form. The gang is a clear expression of this duality.

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