Taking responsibility for the attack in the shopping centre Mall on January 2013.- Athens – Greece


 It was more than expected that the choice of that specific target would give plenty of “food” for slander on the State’s side. Did the terrorists want victims? Was their aim to terrorise society? And what did they succeed in doing, what was the point of all this? What ethic and what values can these people have in order to hit a mall, yes indeed a mall! They put little kids in danger?
Anyhow, we were always from the other side… and our question is, which frayed values and what misled ethic tolerates the existence of monstrosities like Malls? The target of course is presented as an organised recreation space for shopping, wandering around and tasteless entertainment. A small oasis in the modern nightmare. But is that really what it is?

Because for us, behind the broken shop fronts lies a different story. That of an economic giant that is doubly helpful to power and capital. It brings wealth and satisfies the thirst of all the greedy money-grabbers and on the other hand creates apathy and ignorance in exchange for a few moments of forced emotions, fake satisfaction and total control. A well-fixed fairytale that doesn’t allow the indifferent consumers to ask themselves one very simple question: the movie I’m watching, the drink I’m having, the shirt I bought are really just another innocent relaxed part of my day? Because if someone digs a bit deeper, they will find well-buried pieces of a little more monstrous puzzle, a mosaic of blood, pain, exploitation and slaughter of human beings of another world, of a ‘lesser god’. Because these are the four ingredients of their much-needed development and economic property. So if some insist on seeing fancy shop fronts, catchy movies and having a relaxed chat over coffee, then their sensitivity and honesty only reaches as far as their eyes can see. For us, this Mall and every mall is a massive graveyard of human and real values.
That’s why we hit it.
 Parallel worlds…
Violence, exploitation and the plunder of whole populations in “developing countries” as the most exploited lands are provocatively called by the capitalist elite, make up a condition about which only a few are interested and even fewer act against.
At a time when the directors of multinational companies and the legal mafia of powerful economic lobbies are washing their hands with the blood of economic slaves, non-governmental organisations exculpate the mass extermination that is taking place by philanthropic programmes and humanitarian campaigns.
Those murdered by capitalism are buried in the foundations of shopping malls.
Millions of workers, among them also children, are murdered every year in some “labour accident”.
Workers commit suicide by the dozens in factories like Foxconn where glamorous products of Apple are produced.
Animals are skinned alive in order to become fur after a torturous life confined in cages as products.
Children starve in the “third world” in order to become cheap labour hands that produce the raw materials of the forged consumerist bliss.
Humans are dismembered by bomb fragments and machine guns in war operations of Nato in which the Greek State also participates.
All have become monoliths with tons of cement beautified with bright labels in order for you to forget, to disorientate you.
 Shopping centres are industries that produce controlled desires and galleys for salaried slaves. That’s why they have been built like concentration camps, with surveillance cameras and private cops scanning the whole place. All behaviour necessarily rotates around consumption. In this prison, the supposedly free visitors get used to and adjusted to authority. Shopping centres have a central position in the submission of the culture of control. Our attack on Mall is also a blow against the sovereignty of the norm, a blow to police surveillance and prohibition, showing that the determination and inventiveness of people in revolt is stronger than the control systems.
Mall, the biggest shopping centre in South-East Europe, was built as an Olympic games project in a property that was granted by the State in exchange for 15 days’ accommodation of journalists for the Olympics, which, by the way, never happened because the construction was not completed. The way that the underground bridges leading to the parking lot are entangled with the lines of the electric and suburban trains and the street signs which purposely lead to it, symbolise the way that the economic, political and judicial authorities are entangled. It is a project of the Lamda Development company, which belongs to the economic empire of Latsis, who got rich at the time of the German occupation of Greece.
 The moment of attack…
The target we chose had a specificity. It is a huge shopping mall in which many people move who in no way – and we want to be clear about this – were our aim. We didn’t want any random passer-by to get hurt somehow. The logic of collateral damage or perspectives about the end justifying the means express the State’s way of thinking and actions, not that of anarchists. We come back to the State managers and media mafia’s slanderous charges, even though their violence is anything but blind, on the contrary it is so massive that no statistic would ever be able to measure it.
 The comrades that participated in the operation placed the explosive device inside the locker of an advertisement kiosk, thus ensuring that it would not be touched mistakenly by anyone. The crap about placement of the device in a garbage bin or in a prominently visible spot is State propaganda.
 We gave enough time for its evacuation, reassuring the physical incolumnity of anyone who might be inside. Also, the day and time we chose (Sunday morning) was appropriate because of the limited presence of people (shops closed – enough time space before the cinema movies started) and evacuation would be certain, as happened. It’s our standard principle not to put random human lives in any kind of danger, even if this means lowering the measure of our own safety.
 The telephone warnings were given simultaneously by another comrade who had live communication with the comrades placing the device. At the moment the police were called, the comrades who placed the device were still there in order not to leave it exposed even for a moment. In this particular case, 4 warning phone-calls were made: to the security services of Mall and to the media, zougla.gr, eleftherotupia and the newspaper Pontiki, whose employee took it as a prank, proving that this irresponsible stance – if we had not been cautious – could have cost human lives.
All this was written, even though it exposes our operational thinking to the repressive mechanisms, for two basic reasons. One is that we have to answer to the hideous lies of the journalists. The other and more important one is that this action also contains a suggestion, an example. In the future, if some comrades were to do an equivalent action without taking the necessary safety measures (different in every case) their criminal negligence would be not only their, but also our responsibility.
Besides, of course, the hideous propaganda about blind terrorism surfacing again as the standard topic of disorientation. So to finish with this matter, “disorientation” is one of our two targets. It goes without saying that they want to turn attention away from the Langard list and all the scandals because these are all just a tiny part of the remoteness of the managers of our world. We don’t participate in institutional games of corruption and complicity. Neither of course would we allow ourselves to become the victims of their machinery of mass disorientation, wandering carefree around the shops and cafés of the shitty Mall. Our second aim is to re-orientate thought to where we believe that it gains meaning. At the point of the total clash with all authority.
The dominant condition of massified civilisation which continuously produces needs for its prisoners, is pushing them more and more through advertising to store and services cash registers, aiming at profits as well as the stupefaction and entrapment of people along a road of work-consume-work. Capital feeds its prisoners with material painkillers aimed at treating their poverty of spirit and soul.
The fact that shopping malls fill up with people can only fill us with sorrow. Crowds of people give themselves a wander around a shopping mall, an escape from the week of work to the world of commerce. With hope fading away on shop price tags. In front of the store facades, eyes dream of shopping, of more money and in the end are melancholy because they cannot buy. The anti-depressant pills and the dives off the roofs of unhappy people are not subjects of news or of ‘sensitive’ sociological analysis. They are the result of an addicted world which, when it doesn’t have money for its fix, commits suicide.
Shopping malls are symbols of capitalist societies, temples of consumption, centres of exploitation and submission. The thousands that enjoy themselves, consume, hang out at them are totally indifferent to the “blood” products that they buy from the shelves of child oppression. They don’t hear the “accidental firing” of police weapons, the machines of the factories that literally and emotionally melt humans in the hell-holes of modern slavery. They live in their bubble of individualisation.
 The spread of consumerism over past decades has held a large proportion of exploited people in apathy. The middle-class dream combined with uninterrupted State terrorism has brought social decomposition. The carrot and the stick. Inside the poisonous fog of the social peace call-out, the limitless squeezing of workers was prepared, as was the extermination of the poorest ones, the plundering of all unexploited natural land, and the generalisation of brutal repression, the most hideous propaganda that has ever existed until now.
From the 1990s, local and west-Europeans’ potbellies got rich from the exploitation of immigrants in conditions of terror. From bombings to uprooting, from starvation to slavery. From plague to fascist cleansing.
Bosses of all kind arm the bastards that slaughter the weakest. The democrats of the government organise racist control. The courtisans that worry about the loss of their investments after the recent anti-regime offensive actions, have got used to licking bloodstained knives like the one that killed Sahzat Lukman.
 In the consumerist heaven, the most tortured ones are left outside. They are non-productive and damage the hypocritical faith in the civil dream. To preserve the cover of the market and transfer the fear of punishment into every apartment of the metropole, those who by their existence cause detestation of conservative instincts, are called “guilty”. With as object lesson images of HIV-positive women displayed as infection foci of dumb peaceful husbands who made the small mistake of stealing a few moments of lust by exploiting the weak. The beginning of modern apartheid on the margins of society. The priests of the economy want us to feel guilty for our oppression, to step over dead bodies in order to stay in the market game and commit suicide when we become useless for their world.
And here is where survival instincts are born, saturated with patriotic poison to shout about the many immigrants who take jobs. In the social coliseum, the slaves duel between themselves to the end.
 The world of resistance and insurrection
History doesn’t end on the frozen time of shopping centres though. Accumulated State violence is returned to sender every now and then. Clashes with riot police, arson on selected targets of power, spontaneous attacks on politicians, blockades and occupations, armed attacks. After the riots of ’08 the spots of resistance multiplied. The bosses are afraid of anti-institutional cracks. And most of all they are afraid of our solidarity and our organised counter-attack. They are throwing up a sewer of terror in order to spread their own fear to society. They define terrorist every act that goes against their laws, from a bomb attack to a strike, in order to justify the drafting of their terrorist methods. A psychological war supported by the army of police dogs that scour the streets. Their aim is the establishment of a regime of fear on the parts of society that experience misery and the devaluation of their lives and are listed as possible suspects in an insurrectional condition.
We hear tearful call-outs for normality and see an occupation army and pogroms in the centre of Athens, occupying armies in universities, occupying army in Exarchia, occupying army in Halkidiki for the contractors of the gold industry. They hit the neighbourhoods of immigrants and insurrection? They want plundered lands? We hit their mechanisms. And we strengthen all struggles against authority.
 For a while now, the government had been announcing the general invasion of the occupational battalion into squatted self-organised spaces that was attempted around the holidays. The overall aim of this strategy is the dispersion of collectives of resistance. They dream of the isolation of anarchists in order to eliminate the prospect of a subversive coming together of all oppressed liberation tempers. They are seeking isolation for every human being that reacts in order for them to escalate exploitation, alienation and control.
 Today they attack the squat because squats are examples of regaining the necessary needs for our independence against the ruling power. By destroying self-organised social infrastructures, which try directly at the present time to collectivise our life against the world of authority, they secure the regime of misery. The point of this attack on squats is to condemn the poor to begging. It’s the neutralisation of the vision of liberation and solidarity. The worshiping of philanthropist masters.
 Could we fail to defend with all means of struggle the resistential ground that is under attack? NO. Because if we let the squats go, then all self-organised areas and political ground would get attacked and in the end each comrade would be chased away until all revolutionary practice is exterminated. The State plans to do to those who fight what it has done until now to neutralise the persecuted guerrillas. Of course that doesn’t mean that we are the uninvited defence of squats or that squats don’t manage to defend themselves on their own, on the contrary, the example of the Villa Amalia re-occupation shows exactly the opposite. But the repressive attack if full-frontal, doesn’t concern only the squats and the more diverse and more forceful our actions are, the better.
 Inside the modern slaughterhouse of capitalism, patience is a luxury. It would be an insult to life if we were to postpone the sharpening of the clash with authority. We are already experiencing Crystal Night. The time of crucial decisions is now. Let’s destroy the world of authority before it sweeps us down into its rottenness. Let’s get ready for revolution from today.
 The State’s defence as repression and as propaganda…
The “generals” of control thought have two conditions on their side. They were relying on the neutralisation of a large part of the people that took to the streets in recent years when they “fell” into the elections trap, relaxed by assigning their lives to political parties. Waiting for a leftist government along with the disappointment from the prevalence of the memorandumists at the institutional game, weakened social resistance.
But the true game doesn’t finish so quickly. The attack of the State took thousands out into the streets in solidarity. The possibility of a general counter-attack comes back stronger than before. Also, the “generals” were relying on the fact that the past three years they have managed to strike some blows on armed organisations that were active at the time. They imagined that an expulsion operation of anarchists would have a small cost. Because they
Can’t imagine an energetic part of the population without hierarchical addictions. They are talking about “directorates of armed struggle”. But guerrilla warfare can spring up at any moment since it is organised in every rebel heart.
We are not playing fixed political games, neither we would try to prove that we are not elephants, that we are instigated by aliens, secret services, Syriza. Whoever wants to continue seeing agents and government agents is a victim of State propaganda and is a short-sighted person incapable of realising that there are people who will not succumb to the State of fear and submission but will answer and will attack with all means. All the rest is empty words.
 We are anarchists, anti-statists and enemies of democracy. And if our action is condemned by the political system we have for a long time now condemned the political system to destruction.
 We will shut the mouth of every erratic of the institutional left and conspirationalists who talks about para-State and secret services insulting, thus, the memory of comrades who fell fighting like Christos Kassimis member of ELA, like Lambros Foundas member of Revolutionary Struggle, Christos Tsoutsouvis member of Antikratiki Pali and many more fighters of the armed anti-State struggle. Let’s remember also that at this moment that there are prisoners of war or wanted by the State comrades who claimed political responsibility for their participation in revolutionary organisations (17November, Conspiracy Cells of Fire, Revolutionary Struggle) and like all the attacks that are happening by guerrilla groups claimed with texts. The real para-State attacks like those in Italy in the past decades that deliberately injured innocent people in order to become a field for slander and the distortion of revolutionary aims.
 Organisation and insurrection with all means and types…
 Over the last period, after State attacks on self-organised spaces and projects, a separation returned to the surface produced by authority itself. A fake separation that tries to divide antiauthoritarian unity, based on the means of struggle. Roles and specializations are divided, isolation and internal conflicts are born, dipoles like legal-illegal. Questions and dilemmas that comrades have found themselves facing in the past. It’s like a crossroad in front of which you stand with your comrades and choose your path.
 We obviously understand that the choice of struggle with this or that means is not only a choice of a strategic character – for example what is more suitable depending on the prevailing conditions – but for sure it’s a choice on the base of desire and individual satisfaction.
 We are not asking for a stalinist monolithicity that refers to “communist” political parties, neither do we want to make linguistic alternations in order for unity to exist which would be anything but honest. Oppositely, we believe that respect should exist between different opinions and approaches – which are as many as their carriers – within us, aiming at unity in the action of destroying the State. Pluralism of perspectives in the anarchist community is not harmful at all. The one point of view completes the other, others are confirmed by events and others remain in the oblivion of history with a dialogue that produces conclusions by fertilising dangerous ideas.
 The logic that sees guerrilla actions as harmful or provocative for the movement, is not the result of thinking but of fear of State repression. In reality, the State launches direct retaliation where it can after violent actions in order to create a psychological reaction of fear that will divide and scare the insurgents. But exactly this reaction of the State shows its need to strike dynamic kinds of struggle. Whether it is a violent demonstration, an occupation or a guerrilla attack.
 And respectively, despite the short-term negative consequences of a guerrilla attack, in the long-run it is a deterrent for repression. It’s the prospect of strengthening and spreading that scares authority since it is not unbeatable as is implied in demagogic perspectives, but is managed by vulnerable persons with names and addresses, who the more bouncers and cops they hire, will always be permanent targets of anarchist guerrillas.
 Do we want to terrorise? Yes. Who though? Guerrilla attacks have as targets the transportation of fear to the bosses’ camp. A tiny repayment of the violence exercised by the hangmen of our lives. A loud message to shake the foundations of the solid authoritarian construction, looking out for accomplices. A message for all dignified people who, in defiance of the times, fight against authority. To those who still tolerate oppression but are slowly getting ready for their individual revolution. To each and every one who starts shutting his or her ears to the sirens of alienation and comes into contact with the world of resistance against authority.
 In order to not be misunderstood, we are open to any critique, as we see it as a tool of dialectic and evolution between the revolutionaries. This, of course, when this critique doesn’t come from a populist point of view aiming to cajole “society” since the only result of a strategy like that would be the creation of picturesque fans and fake impressions. We believe that we must always dig deep and enrich the meaning of discourse and action in order to expose every trap of the authoritarian complex and not leave any of its machinery beyond reproach simply because of circumstances.
 To exchange ideas and technical knowledge, to get armed with Kalashnikovs and bullets, to reclaim the streets and the neighbourhoods, to rob money and occupy buildings.
 Our proposal is the full-frontal clash with authority alongside the simultaneous development of self-organised infrastructures.
 Because the kinds of organisation that we affirm and propose are our way of living a small taste of anarchy today, our capability to experiment with non-authoritarian relationships, to answer our individual and collective needs and desires outside the addiction forced by civil culture on to its citizens.
It is our aim to fight the spread of the violence of authority in our lives, as well as in the social and political field. Because we must infiltrate their field in order to strike them in a political, technological and militant matter.
 And it is the real execution – anarchist organisation, and not the temporary material that we use for the attack against the State capital culture of pollution of domestication.
 In this continuous struggle we have comrades that are missing from us, paying the cost of being committed in the struggle with all their soul.
 We want to send our solidarity to anarchist Marco Camenisch who is on a symbolic hunger strike in the dungeons of Swiss prisons where he has been held captive for 21 years now, as well to Gabriel Pombo da Silva in Germany and Elisa di Bernardo in Italy who is also participating in solidarity, demanding his immediate release. We, from our side, stand alongside his unrepentant struggle. Every act of direct action is an act of solidarity.
To prisoner of war anarchist Babis Tsilianidis who was recently sentenced to 10 years for robbery at the Ahepa Hospital by the judicial mafia with the only evidence his DNA on a bandana, showing the vengeance of the State towards the dynamic actions that have been developed over the last period.
 To the unrepentant guerrillas of 17 November, like Dimitris Koufontinas and Savvas Xiros.
 To anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos who was captured after an armed clash with cops in Pefki, giving the chance to the comrade who was with him to flee the scene.
 To imprisoned members of revolutionary organisation Conspiracy Cells of Fire, Olga Oikonomidou, Giorgos Nikolopoulos, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Gerasimos Tsakalos, Christos Tsakalos, Damiano Bolano, Giorgos Polidoros, Haris Hatzimichelakis, and Panagiotis Argirou (quick recovery to the comrade, who is hospitalised after a serious injury in prison).
To anarchist captives Kostas Sakkas, Giorgos Karagiannidis, Alexandros Mitrousias who refuse participation in the R.O. CCF and claim their participation in the armed anarchist struggle.
To imprisoned anarchist Vaggelis Koutsibelas, accused of a series of arson attacks in Trikala.
To pre-trial imprisoned anarchist-communist Tasos Theofilou, accused of bank robbery and homicide, while he denies any participation in either.
To anarchist Rami Syrianos who was captured for robbery of the fences of ODDY (State organisation for confiscated items).
To imprisoned fighters who have been charged for the kidnapping of captain of industry Milona, Vaggelis Chrisochoidis, Polikarpos Georgiadis, who deny their participation in the kidnapping but defend their relationship with Vasilis Paleokostas.
To wanted members of Revolutionary Struggle, Nikos Maziotis, Pola Roupa and to the imprisoned member of the organization Kostas Gournas.
To wanted Marios Seisidis, Grigoris Tsironis, Giannis Michailidis, Dimitris Politis, Vasilis Paleokostas.
 Solidarity with prisoners who struggle against the correctional regime.
 Solidarity with all captured and wanted anarchists around the world.
 Long live Anarchy.
 Collaboration of anarchist organizations: Wild Freedom, Instigators of Social Eruptions


Translated by Act for freedom now!

Taking responsibility for the attack in the shopping centre Mall on January 2013.- Athens – Greece

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