Italy: Responsibility claim letter by Gianluca Iacovacci


The decisiveness of our struggle and our solidarity are our only “lethal weapons”.

Dear comrades I am imprisoned, like many others, targeted by the oppression of the state, which seeks to annihilate us. Not for what one does, but for what we “risk” to be, to say, to think.

I am riding, along with Adriano and many others, on the judicial roller coaster of the mediated anti-terrorist clique of democracy. First of all, I want to thank all the comrades, who expressed their solidarity, directly or indirectly, even from beyond the borders, as I am convinced that they support us with their very presence within the struggle.

We share the same rage for this grey and miserable existent, which crushes us and for which we feel the same wounds but also the same joy for the wonderful reality of our dreams and our desires. My state is the one of a hostile individual, a captive and a prisoner.

The imprisonment and the discomfort, which I have been subjected to, were premeditatedly invented by other human beings and depend on the lasting of the authority of the system that has been imposed to us.

Surely, I will remain I captivity, but my spirit and my ideas go on, they cannot be restrained by keys nor can they be tame and this can only continue to give me the strength to resist.

With joy and through my full will, I have chosen anarchy and I will continue to do so, loving the earth for what it is in my continuous search for wildness and emancipation of all the comforts, including wealth.

Through anarchy, I can see the wild and primitive pulse, which is now sedated, if not completely dead, by the hands of the civilized human of progress. I have never used intermediate methods and terms, I accept the risk of having to get my food by cultivating and gathering all the necessary things for my survival. In order to do this, I will use all possible means at my disposal in order to convince other individualities even if I have to renounce this vey pen and ink with which I write my angry words.

I always support indigenous resistance of the anti-authoritarians and the locals, who stand against the trials of the power of the State and the multinational companies, putting active resistance, sabotage and direct action into practice.

I support all the comrades, who want to free themselves from authority and who decisively take part in the international anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist Struggle. Looking past good and evil or right and wrong, which are notions more fitted for nuns and priests, the point of view of mine and other individualities is urged by the instincts themselves, by the possibilities of the means with the continent repercussions of this risk.

I have always put Human Liberation from any boss and any prison, mental or physical and Animal Liberation from the structures of torment and death and from any other place, where a living being is converted into a commodity, an object or entertainment, in the same perspective.

I am an anarchist, I do not belong in this era of an automatized no-life, fit for use and consumption by the governments. I do not acknowledge any state, court or any other institution or authority or the legal, military, political and religious systems.

As far as the judges and the judiciary with the Inquisition’s robe are concerned, they are nothing more than bureaucrats trying to prove, why it is needed for them to get paid.

I do not accept any criticism from them, most of all from those who don’t know how to love the earth, to struggle and dream and who know only to do their jobs, to follow orders. Even more, I do not accept criticism from the People which is nurtured in the rotten womb of the State and bound at any cost with democracy, a word which still has a good narcotic influence.

These people of the law, play with their fascist-democratic laws in order to throw up sentences. In my case, the “participation” in a terrorist group, which is what in fact the State, the army and the multinational companies really are.

I am part of this very annoying and paranoid witch-hunt, which is called judicial system, where even a slogan painted on a wall is listed in the catalogues of political police as “an act of terrorism, targeting to put the subversive plan of FAI into practice…” through different incidents with my comrade and brother Adriano, to whom I cannot find any other way to express my affection and solidarity than my decisiveness, which was already returned to me with his courage and the strength of his soul.

It would be better for them to leave these little games aside. I would be out of many “informal” troubles, if they could see that informality is my reality, but I am not alone (as far as this case is concerned) in the hands of the enemy.

These actions they refer to, which are not part of some kind of “program”, were made by me and I have claimed responsibility for them with a communique under the name International Revolutionary Front-Informal Anarchist Federation/Subversive Anti-civilization Individualities and they know very well, that they were executed by only one individual, which is me, as an answer to the ideal of profit, the pillaging of the earth and the planet, on which I live and as an act of solidarity with the rebels, who are in conflict with the existent.

The GPS and other wiles that the military kindly planted in a car that I had been using for the last two years would link me in a very indicative way, or even more, with other direct actions and sabotages. In some cases, you start thinking of those lovely bicycles, but there is a need to understand that we are fighting against a system that will possibly implant satellite transmitters directly into people’s heads.

While these harriers were staying in the warmth of their “marital homes”, I noticed how they built the files with the material that was seized and how the mission of the political police was transformed into paginating, or even copying in detail through the pages, several actions against energy/ industrial units, including one imaginary stealing from an ATM that was burnt.

As to not downgrade my integrity, my courage and my sacrifice, I will not bow to notions “guilty-innocent”. It would really be too much.

It is of no importance whether there are 30 or 100 actions, but the fact that in Italy there are hundreds and throughout the world ten thousands.

It is ridiculous, though, and banal at least, to argue about the actions, it will be as if you are destroying the real optics on conflict and Resistance and recognizing the democratic logic that “the game ended badly” or the good against the bad ones.

Now these judges are still having fun with the trophies of their hunting, against life and death of others, while the planet is dying and the human is ebbing.

But everything has a beginning and an end, just like their organs and their bones, the law and the order will collapse and there will be nothing left but ashes and ruins.

The society is already a sentence of darned values, with enforced efforts to stay together and at the same time they are being used to annihilate individualities that are hostile against them.

For centuries, in the name of God and Power, the authority imposes civilization, order and indoctrination. It transforms Human into a work-producing machine, a laboratory animal for science. Those few, who maintain the inherent wildness and an antagonist thought, it crashes them with violence and terror, it lock them up in galleys or sanitariums to “adapt” them until it gets complete control over them. Otherwise, it will act to annihilate them.

The foundations of Civilization are being quaked by the blows of their own failure. Fewer and fewer spaces remain livable and immaculate, the wars are expanding with all the consequences and they get more real, threatening the population with technological weapons the field of the losers.

These violent and unjustifiable capabilities of the authority and tyranny of the civilized human are becoming more feasible, as long as the society is technologically “advanced”.

The Resistance against the Technological-Industrial Machine lives only through the path of liberation from every power and order, runs towards an event horizon where nothing has been written yet. And the new wild and informal resistance, that gives answers and takes the initiative against the governments’ violence, which are always more shielded and tough to suppress the enemies, such as comrades who have been massively hit and arrested during prosecuting/ suppressing, anti-anarchist and anti-insurrectionary “operations”.

Comrades who never bent from the tortures and the isolation of the special wings inside prisons, not even from the wounds of the attacks.

I am proud for having a strong integrity of Spirit and for crossing these rough paths that are ahead of us, on the side of the non-submissive and the no-law ANARCHISTS.

Eternal conspirators, dreamers, smiths of courage, who face titanic and TYRANNICAL forces and the existence of a life that has not been written yet. With elemental and limited means, which posses a tenacious determination though.

To conclude, I would like to encourage all by conveying to you a metaphor of what I feel: I see the State and the order as a lonely civilized Human lost in the Woods, under the complete dominion of wild animals. Realizing the coming of a storm in the night, the Human is no longer afraid of becoming the meal for wild animals, but fears the coming of the storm instead.

From the valleys to the mountains, from the countryside to the Forests, for the Liberation of the planet and the living beings. Because the earth deserves more than dirty money!



Gianluca Iacovacci

anarchist prisoner

C.R. San Michele, January 14, 2014


Translated by Inter Arma