Update on the hunger strike of the political prisoners in the Greek prisons, March 2015


In solidarity to the imprisoned hunger strikers we have created and are sending you an audio file of updates related to the struggle of the hunger strikers in english.
Please communicate this to as many counter information centers as possible.
Victory to the struggle of the hunger strikers.

Update on the political prisoner’s hunger strike in the Greek prisons that begun on the 2nd of March.
Radiozones of subversive expression radio98fm.org presents a broadcast in english in order to propagate the hunger strike that is developing in the Greek state prisons since the 2nd of  March, with a number of  political and social prisoners on hunger strike with a common combative framework of claims while at the same time imprisoned members of CCF (Conspiracy of Cells of Fire) have also launched an indefinite hunger strike demanding the immediate release of their relatives and friends who have been vengefully imprisoned recently.
The claims of the hunger strike are:
Withdrawal of the special anti-terrorist legislation and specifically the terrorist and criminal organization laws (laws187A and 187)
Withdrawal of the special repressive laws (anti-hoodie law).
Abolition of the C-type prisons that symbolize the exemption status of political prisoners.
Delineation of the use and processing of DNA as evidence.
Support of the popular demand for the immediate release of Savvas Xiros who is being slowly exterminated  over the past 13 years by a vengeful state despite his extremely bad health.
Immediate release of the relatives and family friends of imprisoned members of CCF.
Political prisoners Kostas Gournas (member of Revolutionary Struggle), Dimitris Koufontinas (member of 17November), and Nikos Maziotis (member of Revolutionary Struggle), the members of the Network of Imprisoned Fighters, Anastasios Theofilou, Yiorgos Karagiannidis, Argiris Dalios, Antonis Staboulos and Foivos Harisis are also on hunger strike with the above claims. Other members of the network will join the strike progressively. Social prisoners Mohamed Said Eltsibach, and Yiorgos Sofianides are also on strike claiming the abolition of C-Type high securty prisons and the right to educational facilities that Sofianides has been deprived of.
The imprisoned members of C.C.F. Theofilos Mavropoulos, Yiorgos Nikolopoulos, Michalis Nikolopoulos, Panagiotis Argirou, Damianos Bolano, Haris Hatzimichelakis, Christos Tsakalos, Yiorgos Polidoros, Gerasimos Tsakalos and Olga Oikonomidou are also on hunger strike following the arrests of their relatives and family friends while one of the arestees, Aggeliki Spiropoulou, is also participating in their struggle.
In solidarity to the hunger strikers 2 women incarcerated in the prison of Neapoli, in Lasithi, Crete and anarchist Panos Michalakoglou have declared food abstention – while political prisoners from Turkey inmates in greek prisons also joined the struggle of the political prisoners participating in a rolling hunger strike since the 11th of March.
Additionally, Grigoris Sarafoudis, Andreas-Dimitris Bourzoukos and Dimitris Politis have also began hunger strike on 9th and 16th of March respectively. They are all members of the Network of Imprisoned Fighters, which, as already mentioned, has stated that more imprisoned fighters will join the hunger strike progressively.
It’s also worth mentioning that anarchist prisoners whose trials are still running, stated that they will abstain from trial procedure until the demands of the strikers are satisfied.
According to the latest information strikers’ health has become critical and some of them have already been transferred to hospital for close monitoring.
Actions in solidarity
In this context a number of actions in solidarity have taken place and will continue to occur and multiply as the hunger strike develops.
Soon after the hunger strike begun, solidarity assemblies were formed in many towns organizing actions at a local level in support to imprisoned hunger strikers.
On the 13th of March a Pan-hellenic Solidarity Action Day was organized followed by a number of actions in cities and towns all over the country while others also followed, namely in Chania, Rethimno,Heraklion, Veria, Lamia, Larisa, Thessaloniki, Agrinio, Volos, Mytilene, Karditsa, Trikala and many more.
Actions with a propagandist purpose (banners, posters, graffiti, solidarity texts, strikers’ statements, PA gatherings) have been realized in order to inform people of the struggle of hunger strikers, including direct interventions at local tv stations, radio stations, and other media close to the government.
Other actions have also taken place such as the symbolic occupation of the headquarters and other facilities of the government party Syriza at both central and local level.
Motorcycle demonstrations in solidarity with the hunger strikers that ended outside the prisons of Korydallos in Athens, Domokos in Larissa and Alikarnasos in Crete have also taken place, while demos and gatherings were also organized at a central level in many towns.
Other actions include occupations and interventions of academic and governmental buildings as well as direct actions such as incendiary attacks on governmental or security vehicles that will increase each passing day.
At the same time voices of solidarity with the struggle of the hunger strikers in Greek prisons have begun to be heard on an international level: from Madrid and Montevideo in Spain, to Uruguay and Chile where spontaneous actions of solidarity with banners and slogans have taken place, while more militant actions were carried out in Berlin with the torching of a squad car.
In this era of increased social and political repression we feel obliged to back the struggle of the Greek state hostages with all our strengths. It goes without saying that we will support their struggle with the communication and propagation of their claims and broadcast of the development of the hunger strike until the fulfillment of all their claims.
p.s1 On 22 March solidarians occupied the radio station owned to the governmental party Siriza in Athens in solidarity to the struggle of the political prisoners who are on hunger strike. The sit in continues to date on 27 March transmitting continual updates on the development of the strike as well as interviews and declarations of the strikers.
p.s2 On April 1st the Network of Imprisoned Fighters has called for an international call for revolutionary solidarity with the political prisoners on hunger strike since 2nd of March in Greece.
More information are to be found at: interarma.info, contrainfo.espiv.net, actforfree.nostate.net, 325.nostate.net and affiliated links