Greece: “About the attack against anarcho-nihilist Spyros Mandylas”


The attack against anarchist nihilist comrade Spyros Mandylas by 6 people, inside anarchist squat Nadir on May 20th is an incident that particularly bothered us in C.A.N.C.O.

The one hour and a half beating of a fighter who had just finished a 54 days hunger strike led us to take clear and unequivocal position in favor of Spyros and stand against this specific action. As anarchists we are unable to condemn people because we are neither critics nor judges.

This act itself is to us, sneaky and coward due to superiority in numbers of the 6 and due to comrade’s health condition.

Our support is clear and we also send our comradely greetings.

By anarchist nihilist Spyros Mandylas’ side.

By anarchist squat Nadir’s side.

Collaboration of Anarchists, Nihilists, Chaotics of Olga square


-We are not able to use the word solidarity, as it’s used irresponsibly as a term, many times by systematic reformists under the cloak of anarchism. We stand alongside with anybody fighting with words and actions against the system, authority and its institutions.

-The attacks against real anarchists and anti-reformists is something of a big scale all over Greece after the election of the government of the left. The prophecies about the deep state of SYRIZA have started to seem real for some who rush to confirm them and themselves.