Call out for the new trial of the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle – Greece


On October 16th begins the trial of the R.S. for the attack on the Bank  of Greece (10/4/2014).

On trial is anarchist, member of the R.S. Nikos Maziotis, anarchist
Antonis Staboulos and Giorgos Petrakakos.

At the special court rooms of Koridallos at 12:00 noon .

Solidarity is our weapon.

Comrades from anarchist project act for freedom now!
Note: Giorgos Petrakakos, who was wanted for the same case is arrested
on September 24th 2015

Nikos Maziotis, is arrested on July 16th 2014, after a chase in Monastiraki Athens. He was heavily wounded after a shootout with the cops.

On 16/07/14 in the center of Athens anarchist Nikos Maziotis of the Revolutionary Struggle group was arrested after a armed clash with anti-terrorist cops forces.

On October 1st 2014, anarchist Antonis Staboulos is accused of
integration and participation in the organization. The comrade –with a
long and concise presence in the social-class struggles– from the first
moment of his arrest refuses to cooperate with the uniformed guards of
capital and its state, advocates the camp of social Revolution defending
the Revolutionary case and denies the entire indictment attributed by
civil justice because, as he states: “the difficult moments in the struggle are those which solidify the conscience.Because in these circumstances each one of us is the depository of the ideals of the society we fight to create.” During his captivity, as a member of DAK (Network of Fighting Prisoners) continues his militant action inside the prisons.



Call out for the new trial of the R.O. Revolutionary Struggle – Greece