Kurdish Forces Clash With Syrian Regime Forces in Qamishli


Reports suggest that armed clashes began between Asayish (Kurdish police) forces and Syrian regime forces near security square in Qamishli city, Rojava this morning at 11am local time.

The clashes started when Assad’s regime forces shot at a Asayish security patrol near the main square in Qamishli and members of Asayish were injured. Unconfirmed reports say two Asayish members have died.

There are other reports claiming Asayish have killed 8 members of the SAA forces. The situation in Qamishli is still tense and clashes are on going say journalists on the ground.

Qamishli is the administrative centre of the Cizire (Jazira) canton in the east of Rojava, Northern Syria. Certain checkpoints in the city are known to be controlled by Assad forces.