12 thousand Kurds arrested in Iran in one year


According to the Iranian state-run İsna news agency, the Kurdistan State Director of Prisons confirmed the rise in the number of prisoners.

Officers of the Iranian regime accepted that 12 thousand Kurds were arrested in the Iranian year that ended on March 19, 2015. The Kurdistan State Director of Prisons confessed that the social fabric of the Kurdish society was being degraded by these arrests.

According to the state-run İsna news agency, Kurdistan State Director of Prisons confirmed the increase in Kurdish prisoners.

Director of Prisons Esadullah Gurjizadeh said, “The statistics show that almost 60% of the imprisoned people are heads of their households, and this is tearing at the fabric of Kurdish society in Iran.”

According to the Director of Prisons, 12 thousand Kurds were arrested last year. The actual number is presumed to be higher.

Discriminatory practices and pressure against Kurds and other ethnicities have been implemented as fundamental policies since the founding of the regime in Iran.

This oppression has continued after Hasan Ruhani was elected President. Ruhani’s term in office has seen significant increase in executions, especially of members of minority ethnic groups.