22 state forces killed and 2 tanks destroyed in Nusaybin


YPS General Coordination announced that 22 state forces were killed and 2 tanks were destroyed during the actions of YPS/YPS JIN fighters in Nusaybin.

YPS stated that its members carried out a sabotage action in a house in the Martyr Gelhat neighborhood of Nusaybin on April 24, where 6 state forces died and many others were injured.

YPS announced that its forces sabotaged and destroyed a tank that entered Kartopu Street on Çaxçax road at 06:30 on April 25, and damaged 1 Ejder-type armored vehicle and 1 armored earth digger on the same street at 09:00. YPS stated that a second tank was destroyed as it attempted to enter Çaxçax road at 09:30, and a second Ejder-type armored vehicle was destroyed around 12:00 on the same street. YPS noted that its forces repelled a Kirpi-type armored vehicle as well as an earth digger on the same street, and carried out an action in which 2 special operations gendarme forces died.

YPS announced that 3 special operations forces died during a YPS action near the hospital, and detailed information on this action would be released soon. YPS added that its fighters repelled an armored digger attempting to enter Kordon Street on Çaxçax road.

YPS General Coordination stated that intense clashes took place in Alika neighborhood between 04:00 and 18:00 on April 25, and 1 Kobra-type armored vehicle and 1 tank was destroyed during the clashes. YPS stated that its forces damaged 1 tank and 3 Kobra-type vehicles in Alika neighborhood, and carried out a sabotage action in Dicle neighborhood where 8 state forces died and more than 10 soldiers got injured. Lastly, YPS stated that its forces carried out an action in the same neighborhood on the same day, and 3 state forces died during this attack.

Below is the ID information of one of the 3 YPS fighters that fell as martyrs during the clashes in Nusaybin:

Xeyri Lice / Serdar Doğan / Mother: Halime – Father: Sait / Place of Birth: Amed / Date and Place of Martyrdom: April 25, Nusaybin.


Source: Firat News Agency