Greece: Call from Radiofragmata for International ‘Fuck Nations, Squat The World’ Actions


The anarchist squats ought to be a thorn for the repression mechanisms, against every dominant expression of the existing system. All things considered, they ought to be thorns against the social norm, against the alienated everyday life of decay that the social norm itself produces.

Regarding the link of dynamics of the people who take action in squats and choose to clash with the above aspects of the dominant complex, we believe that a necessary tool is the coordination of individualities and groups which act within and around the squats, so as to able to form a living organism with direct offensive reflexes. The coordination and the interaction between squats mustn’t be determined by the attacks from the state and its mechanisms -official or unofficial- but to form a cell of essential political fermentation and a meeting place of our individual and collective negations and desires.

It is necessary again to overcome the pathogenic characteristics of introversion and institutionalization that are making their appearances even within the occupied spaces of the Greek landscape. The continuous gamble that the squats are being asked to win is the one regarding the clash with authority, the one of our theoretical and insurrectional development, the overcoming of the social automatisms which constitute takeoffs of a social web’s miniature that we detest. These squats are able to form a new field of creative development and confrontation against the existing system. For these squats, the authority is going to bleed if they ever attempt to take them back, because they will be liberated centres of struggle of the polymorphous anarchist action, vital parts in other words, of a wider range of a combative network of liberated spaces that won’t bargain their life over obedient submission.

We, as Radiofragmata, since we are a vital part of an occupied space (the one of the polymorphous anarchist action at Zaimi 11, Exarcheia Athens), support and constitute an active mosaic of this call, in which the comrades of the Anarchist Library Teflon, Papamichelaki Squat and Continuous Deconstruction are equally taking part, that places the issue about squats at the epicenter, the coordination amongst them and the need for intensification of their offensive characteristics.


May, 2016 

(via Radiofragmata)