Coming up: fight nazis in Dover (28 May) and Brighton (4 June)

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Fascist scum are attempting get-togethers in the coming weeks in the seaside towns of Dover and Brighton. On Saturday 28, neonazis are planning not just another daytime stumble around Dover town, but also a Blood and Honour gig in the evening. The weekend after, on 4 June, there is a planned march by the “South Coast Resistance” in Brighton. See anti-fascist call-outs below for further details. May they drown in the seas of their own tears.

No Nazis in Dover – oppose the Nazi South East Alliance and Blood and Honour gig – Saturday 28 May, Dover

From Kent Anti-Racism Network

The Nazi South East Alliance are coming to Dover on 28 May to spread their message of hate towards refugees, people of colour, LGBTQ people, Muslims, Jews and other minorities. Their world view envisages an all-white Britain. They plan to hold a demonstration in Dover during the day and hold a Rock Against Immigration (Blood and Honour) – Nazi gig in the evening. Blood and Honour is a Combat 18 organisation – whose rallying cry is ‘Aryan Unity’.They have been involved in murder, gun-running and terrorism. Despite the South East Alliance claiming they’re coming to Dover for ‘ordinary people’ they are instead aiming to promote an extremely violent Nazi programme – similar to the murderous policies of Hitler.

During World War Two, the Nazis exterminated millions of Jews. Many more millions lost their lives fighting to keep the world free from fascism. This is the tradition that the South East Alliance and Combat 18 stand in.

This is why the Nazi demonstration and Blood and Honour gig must be opposed by all who believe that their views should not be tolerated in Dover or elsewhere. So join us in Dover on 28 May and say No Nazis in Dover!

Assemble 11am, Market Square, Dover, CT16 1PJ Facebook event here…

4 June: Stop the fascist march in Brighton

From Stopmfe

Also see promo video here

On the 4th of June, a group of far-right racists want to protest in Brighton against refugees.

The group, calling themselves “South Coast Resistance” or “Pie and Mash Squad” say they’re opposed to our city hosting any refugees whilst British people are homless. In reality, this is simply an excuse for their undisguised racism. These fascists don’t care about homelessness, they just want to keep refugees out. The reason for the homelessness in Brighton isn’t the (frankly pathetically small) amount of refugees we’re taking in, it’s the government selling off all the council stock, closing homeless shelters and banning squatting.

Brighton is a city that’s proud of it’s diversity and solidarity. We’ve seen off fascists many times in the past, and we will again.

We’re calling for people to gather at the train station at 10:30am on Saturday 4th June, to show these fascists they’re not welcome in our city. (Please note, the time is likely to change closer to the date. Keep your eyes on our social media for updates.)