A un año del ataque con coche-bomba
contra la central de Microsoft en Atenas, Grecia

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SOLIDRITY TO OLGA ECONOMIDOU by CCF & Theofilos Mavropoulos..

“Turn off the main switch in this dump. Here the beautiful becomes ugly, the choice becomes a habit and the meaningless important. Prison dirties creases and swallows pieces of dreams, desires, thoughts and feelings. Its most permanent residents, the majority of the prisoners are now a part of the appliances of the prisons. Bars, yard, cameras,locks, prisoners mix all together and re-enact the world of captivity. Nothing is worthy of captivity. Nothing is worthy in here. Come let’s go and don’t look back….Only fire will cleanse this place…..”
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Texto de lxs Compañerxs de la CCF : “La nueva guerrilla urbana anarquista”;


LEE Y DECARGA : LaNuevaGuerrillaUrbanaAnarquista
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Lettera di Theofilos Mavropoulos in merito alle nuove 250 accuse ((it-en-es-gr) 2012


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Actualizaciones del nuevo juicio contra lxs compas de la CCF: declaración de Theofilos sobre su pertenencia a La Conspiración. Grecia 2013


“Para mi hoy en día la CCF es una parte inseparable de mi pensamiento, de mis deseos y de mi rebeldía personal por la anarquía. Por esto, aquí en esos juzgados suyos, declaro que a partir del día de hoy me estoy uniendo a la CCF y comparto junto con lxs miembros encarceladxs y lxs que no han sido detenidxs, el interminable camino de la insurrección anarquista.”
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Letter from Theofilos Mavropoulos – 2011 (en/es)


From Culmine (July 22, 2011):

Theofilos Mavropoulos was arrested two months ago after being wounded during an armed confrontation with two police officers (who also got their share) in northern Athens. He spent several weeks at Red Cross Hospital before being transferred to a prison hospital and then to A Wing at Korydallos Prison. Below is his first full-length open letter.
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Statement by Theofilos Mavropoulos’ comrades (2011) en/it


From Culmine (May 21, 2011):

Our comrade, revolutionary anarchist Theofilos Mavropoulos, lies wounded in the hospital after an armed confrontation with the fucking Police pigs in the suburb of Pefki. There, together with another comrade, he chose the path of no surrender when a patrol car stopped to identify them. During the confrontation, two pigs were wounded, as was our comrade. Meanwhile, the other comrade who was there managed to escape by taking the police patrol car.
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