updates for supporting Eric King


Much love and thanks to comrades at NYC Anarchist Black Cross who have added Eric’s birthday to their PP/POW birthday calendar and passed it on to the folks who compile, design and print the monthly PP birthday calendar.


They have also added Eric to their Illustrated Guide to Political Prisoners and Prisoners of War and put out a call for pro bono legal representation via the NLG.


NYC ABC’s every-other-week letter-writing dinner event will focus on Eric and the 5E3 comrades in Mexico!


We at the support page want to thank NYC ABC for their compassionate effort as well as everyone else supporting Eric. Solidarity, fire to the prisons!

-Eric King Support Crew


Pre-trial hearing on Nov 6 for Eric King. Jury trial set for July 13 2015.

Eric King had a pre-trial hearing on Nov 6 where it was decided he would have an accelerated jury trial set for July 13 2015. Kansas City ABC is canvassing lawyers to take his case. Keep the letters and support for Eric coming and please remember DO NOT write about his arrest, his case, or the charges he faces. Too often, letters written to comrades who are pre-trial, and discuss those things, are used as evidence at trial.


Eric King has embraced the struggle against speciesism and is now vegan.

After hosting a letter writing and fund raising party for Eric, we received his letters back today. Eric is VERY appreciative for all the love and support he has received from comrades, not too happy about “not receiving even one letter of support from friends and family back at home”…

Also, in addition Eric is now vegan for nonhuman animal liberation and the fight against speciesism. We are hoping to receive a more in-depth letter about this which we will post (with his consent of course) the next time he sends us a letter back. For now, keep the letters coming and as he has said before, the funds and support are all deeply appreciated!

From Behind Enemy Lines: Statement From Eric G. King

My name is Eric. I’ve been an anarchist since about the age of 17; of course developing and maturing my views as I have grown. I am very active in the LGBQT, Earth, Animal, Antifa and other communities. I have organized Food Not Bombs, rallies against the Klan, and many others in support of human rights, anti-capitalism, animal rights, etc! I am an insurrectionist now. I believe that revolution starts in our own minds and once you are personally ready, then everyone has something they can do.

I value and support the solidarity and comradery received from the community now when I need it most. There is a warm feeling you get from knowing that you committed your life to something larger than yourself and getting warm wishes, kindness, and positive words which can really help someone out of a dark day. I am getting indicted this week and hopefully will be outside sooner or later. Books, stamp money, envelope money and letters would be greatly appreciated if your able and if not keep up the struggle. With love and support, EK (A) (///)

Eric King
CCA Leavenworth
100 Highway Terrace
Leavenworth, KS 66048


About Eric’s Case

Eric G. King, a 28-year-old local anarchist, was arrested and charged with an attempted firebombing of a government official’s office in Kansas City, MO. Eric allegedly threw a hammer through a window of the building and then through two lit bottles inside, though both failed to ignite.

Eric was identified as a suspect by local police because he had previously come under suspicion for anti-government and anti-police graffit. Eric is allegedly involved with the the Kansas City Fight Back insurrectionist collective.

Eric is currently being held in the Corrections Corporation of America’s Leavenworth Detention Center.

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