Wildfire: Issue 4 (April 2016)



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Here’s the fourth issue of Wildfire. We’re a little late in posting it online because, well, we’ve been busy. Prison struggle in the U.S. is heating up and spreading. Coordinated action is being called for September 9th, with work stoppages being planned in multiple states. June 11th, the international day of solidarity with long-term anarchist prisoners, is just weeks away. Rebels throughout the world have their sights on the end of this prison society and the flowering of total freedom in its wake. We’d like to write more, but we’ll let this issue of Wildfire speak for itself.
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BAGR3: Wild Resistance, Insurgent Subsistence: An interview with BC green anarchists on native resistance, building community and undermining civilization.


Fracking, tar sands, sour gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) conversion stations and pipelines; in all cases, it would appear that our native friends up north have been trail blazing persistent resistance to the new wave of resource extraction and distribution. As they seem to typify it, it’s just the new face of colonization, but an old enemy.

I had the pleasure of speaking to non-native green anarchists from British Columbia who have been involved with and supporting these encampments and have been able to give us some more details about the encampments, the challenges that they expose for anarchists and as non-natives, the contexts of decolonization and effective forms of resistance, and, most importantly, the role of community and subsistence.
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The Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons (or FTP) and an interview with Ben Turk about the recent prisoner strikes


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This week on the show we feature an interview with Panagioti, who is an organizer with the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons. From their website:
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Political Prisoner Gary Tyler Released! — Denver Anarchist Black Cross


On Friday 4/29/16, political prisoner Gary Tyler was release from Angola prison! ————————————————————————————————————— Posted on huffingtonpost.com: Louisiana Prisoner Freed After 41 Years Of Unconstitutional Life Sentence At 16, Tyler was the youngest person on Louisiana’s death row. A Louisiana man walked free from the state’s notorious Angola prison late on Friday after serving 41 years […]

via Political Prisoner Gary Tyler Released! — Denver Anarchist Black Cross

Philadelphians Against Police As Pride Marshals Planning Meeting

Between 2007 and 2013 alone, the Philadelphia Police shot 382 people and 88 of them were killed. 81% of the people shot by cops were Black. There’s no pride in racist police violence, and no place for cops at Pride, yet Philly Pride Presents has chosen to honor GOAL (Gay Officer Action Alliance) as one of this year’s Pride Grand Marshals.
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Anarchism & American Traditions


American traditions, begotten of religious rebellion, small self-sustaining communities, isolated conditions, and hard pioneer life, grew during the colonization period of one hundred and seventy years from the settling of Jamestown to the outburst of the Revolution. This was in fact the great constitution-making epoch, the period of charters guaranteeing more or less of liberty, the general tendency of which is well described by Wm. Penn in speaking of the charter for Pennsylvania: “I want to put it out of my power, or that of my successors, to do mischief.”

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The Transmetropolitan Review #4

The fourth issue of The Transmetropolitan Review is now out in Seattle. In this issue are the following articles:

-What Is Anarchism?-

What The Fuck Is May Day?

The Unist’ot’en Blocakade

The Repressive Restructuring of the West Coast

This paper can always be found at Left Bank Books.

Los precursores del Primero de Mayo. La primera jornada, La Habana 1890


Una visión general de la época. 1887

La primera vez en la historia del proletariado continental en que se tuvo un recuerdo público por parte de la clase obrera, en memoria de los Mártires de Chicago y se cumpliera uno de los acuerdos del Segundo Congreso Internacional de París, celebrado del 14 al 20 dejulio de l889, fue cuando se conmemoró simultáneamente y en la misma fecha en las ciudades de Buenos Aires y La Habana. Mucho se ha escrito, y no es necesario repetirlo aquí, sobre la tragedia de Haymarket Square en l886 en la ciudad de Chicago y la posterior justicia criminal de las autoridades judiciales, condenando a la horca a Albert R. Parsons, August V. Spies, Adolph Fischer, George Engel y Louis Lingg(1). En relación al acuerdo del Congreso de París, dice textualmente: “Se organizará una gran manifestación internacional con fecha fija de manera que, en todos los países y ciudades a la vez, el mismo día convenido por los trabajadores, intimiden a los poderes públicos a reducir legalmente a ocho horas la jornada de trabajo”(2).
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The Dictatorship of the Proletariat and the Soviet System


Erich Mühsam (1935)


(EDITOR’S NOTE: We are herewith reprinting a portion of a somewhat larger article of the martyred comrade Erich Muehsam on the nature of worker’s Soviet and our attitude towards it.
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Support animal liberation prisoners Nicole & Joseph (USA)


(flyer/ benefit event in february 2016)

In early 2016, Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane signed non-cooperating plea agreements in which they pled guilty to Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Joseph and Nicole were accused of releasing thousands of animals from fur farms, and causing damage to other businesses associated with the fur industry, in the summer and autumn of 2013.
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