Save the Blood Orange Infoshop


The Blood Orange Infoshop is a collective of artists and activists who believe in the transformative potential of Do-It-Yourself culture and radical political intervention. We collaborate to provide an all ages, non-commercial, space for art exhibits, performances and free education. BOIS is committed to organizing a public venue that is non-hierarchical, drug and alcohol free, all ages, inclusive, and free of oppression.

We are located in the Historic Life Arts Building in downtown Riverside. 3485 University Ave. Riverside, CA 92501

Some time on June 8th the Infoshop was broken in to. Whoever broke in took our money, our projector and trashed our storage closet. Our door was damged and there is no way to properly lock it. We fear the person who broke in will come back and steal more or someone else might come in and trash the place. We need to raise money for a whole new door and the equipment that was stolen. Without the equioment, we can’t hold events and without events we can’t pay rent. The infoshop is made up of people who are dedicated to helping the community and providing free education and other resources for people who don’t have them. We run a free store that offers clothes, shoes, hygine prodocts and more for people who need them. We also need the funds for our rent. We had worked hard in raising the money that was taken and now we have none. Please help! and if you can’t donate please come to our general meetings every Wednesday’s at 6 to see how you can help! We are also taking donations of equipment! We will release a list of the equipment stolen soon! Please share! Thank you!

photo of damages in the updates!