The truth about Britain First’s “Protect the Poppy” day of action


Far right hate group Britain First has been leading the gullible to believe its activists were “standing watch over poppy sellers to ensure they don’t get any hassle from leftwing anarchists and Islamists.”

But here’s the truth about their supposed “day of action”.


1. Poppy sellers were not being hassled

There have been no recent reports of anyone hassling poppy sellers in the UK and no protection was required or requested by the poppy sellers. wrote that “there has been no surge of reports of either of those two groups [leftwing anarchists and Islamists] hassling poppy sellers, it seems that Britain First may have been misleading their followers…”

2. Britain First members asked for a photograph


Britain First ‘activists’ shown in the photos did not “stand watch” over poppy sellers. Rather they just asked for a photograph for shameless marketing purposes.

Britain+First+Exploiting+Children+2 wrote that “many of the poppy sellers pictured in the Britain First posts have since claimed that Britain First didn’t “stand watch” over them at all, instead they approached the sellers – many of whom were children – and asked to have their picture taken. Most – if not all – of the sellers had no idea who Britain First were or what they represented.”

The Nottingham Sea Cadets also confirmed: “Please rest assured we do not support Britain First. The cadets were approached by these and asked for a photo. They were not aware who they were.”

3. Britain First published photos of youngsters without consent

The youngsters in the photographs did not know they would be used by Britain First and despite public pleas by individuals and cadets, Britain First have not yet taken down the photos they shared.

Here is a plea from a mother of one of the cadets, which proves that Britain First did not ask for permission and the youngsters were exploited.