Call for International Solidarity : Simultaneous local / global call for action on December 5th for Osman on hunger strike… (Turkey)


We are going in front of Kandıra No.1 F Type Prison to support Osman Evcan…

Osman Evcan is resisting authority as an anarchist against speciecism for uninterrupted 23 years in state prisons. Osman Evcan supports the struggle for animal liberation as an anarchist since 2003. He has been a name for us, who voices the demand for total freedom against ecological destruction, hunger, poverty, carnage and war policies created by the state and capitalism.

Osman Evcan is recently located in Kandıra Kocaeli F-Type Prison No. 1 after being exiled to almost all the prisons in Turkey for resisting and never bending his head against systematically and continuously imposed intimidation. Osman Evcan’s and all political prisoners most basic and vital right to a healthy diet according to their preference and will is blocked by the prison management with the knowledge and instructions of the Ministry of Justice. As a result of Osman Evcan’s 43 day long hunger strike in 2011, he won the right to a vegan-vegetarian food in prisons for all the vegan-vegetarian prisoners and this right was secured through a issued legislation. Osman Evcan moved a step forward in this fight in the last period. He held another hunger strike for 33 days ending on June 26th which resulted in victory for the demands, in addition to making the vegan-vegetarian dishes prepared by fresh and seasonal vegetables, to be able to get vegan food from external suppliers.

Despite his advanced age and his worn-out body as a result of these actions, Osman Evcan continues his struggle and resistance today to open a space of freedom for all vegan, vegetarian and political prisoners coming after himself, without the fear of the costs he had to paid. After the last November elections in the geography of Turkey with the approval of the hegemony of Islamic fascism of AKP, in this oppressive climate Osman Evcan also got his share and all the rights and benefits of a vegan diet gained as a result of a continuous fight and struggle was taken from him. The reason behind the lasting mistreatment and abuse of rights of Osman Evcan, who is holding a ongoing indefinite hunger strike since November 10th is obvious. The reason is his anarchists ideas and behavior, which does not silence against authoritarian violence and injustice.

We are going to Kocaeli No.1 Prison for solidarity and to support Osman Evcan and the resistance which intensified in his personality. We are launching to announce that behind the prison walls Osman is not alone in his indefinite hunger strike for acquiring back the full vested rights and the delivery of vegan meal to Osman Evcan. We call all anarchists, animal libertion advocates and individuals fighting for total freedom to rise solidarity and resistance, which is being tried to be made passive and ineffective in the shadow of entrenched and conservative political memorization and to protest against state’s institutional, organized torture units, the prisons. We urge you to raise our voice!!

We call all our comrades in different parts of Turkey and worldwide in animal liberation movements around the globe as well as human rights activists to hold any kind of actions in front of the representational establishments of Turkey in their countries, It can be call-ins, street demos, embassies or trade chamber or anything else you would like to do as an act of solidarity and support!

Now is the time to act!!

We are Protesting in front of Kocaeli Kandira F-Type Prison No.1 Demanding Vegan Food for Osman Evcan on December 5th 2015 !!

ABC Istanbul


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