Australia: Fascists humiliated by antifa outside Halal expo in Melbourne

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Extremist groups clash at Halal festival

RAW: Anti-Islam and anti-fascist groups clashed violently at the 2016 Halal festival being held in Ascot Vale Sunday afternoon. Vision courtesy Robert Frantzeskos, footage may disturb some viewers.

A Halal food festival has been rocked by a violent brawl between anti-Islam protesters and far-left activists.

About 30 far-left protesters wearing black clothing and balaclavas, believed to be part of the anti-fascist Antifa group, swarmed a group of right extremists, including members of the United Patriots Front, Reclaim Australia and other anti-Halal activists.

Demonstrators on both sides threw punches, wrestled each other and pinned each other to the ground outside the festival in Ascot Vale.

One right-wing protester was punched in the face and left bleeding, and another was left scarred after he was struck with a pole on his chest.

The brawl continued for about two minutes before about five police officers on horseback quelled the fight.

Fairfax Media saw two far-left activists detained, but Victoria Police said no one was arrested.