Greece: Urgent update from Korydallos prison

Inmates in Athens high-security prison of Korydallos lite fires during a support demonstration outside the prison by solidarity groups on November 18, 2008. More than 5000 inmates are on hunger strike over the past 15 days demanding measures to be taken against overcrowding, including an end to the imprisonment of drug addicts and reduced prison terms.  They have also called for better health services and visiting hours, as well as improved access for human rights activists and members of parliament.Prisoners in 21 out of the country's 24 jails are taking part in the strike which began on November 3. AFP PHOTO/ LOUISA GOULIAMAKI (Photo credit should read LOUISA GOULIAMAKI/AFP/Getty Images)
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Αθήνα: Συναυλία αλληλεγγύης στον αναρχικό κομμουνιστή αιχμάλωτο Τάσο Θεοφίλου


Το ταμείο αλληλεγγύης φυλακισμένων και διωκόμενων αγωνιστών διοργανώνει συναυλία οικονομικής ενίσχυσης της δομής το Σάββατο 5/3 στις 21:30 στο Πολυτεχνείο (Στουρνάρη) με τους: Μεθυσμένα Ξωτικά, Μυαλά Πιθήκου, Head On.
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Athens – On 24/2/2016 begins the second degree trial for the case of robbery of Alphabank in Naousa of Paros, with anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou


On 24/2/2016 begins the second degree trial for the case of robbery of
Alphabank in Naousa of Paros, with anarchist communist Tasos Theofilou
as the accused.
Despite the collapse of the indictment, Tasos was sentenced to 25 years
in prison and now deals with the “appeal to the law” the prosecutor
applied for, which means that he will be tried again, this time for the
charges which he was acquitted ofin the first trial (participation in
the CCF and homicide).

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SOME UPDATES : Concerning Anarchists and fighters who are hostages in the hell-holes of Greek democracy.


Revolutionary Struggle case 2nd trial update.
The proposition of the prosecutor for the 2nd trial of the Revolutionary
Struggle case was postponed for Wednesday 24/02/16.
The judges refused to appoint a new lawyer for Revolutionary Struggle member Nikos Maziotis,
who on his request released his lawyer. Nikos Maziotis left today’s session and the judges decided to postpone it.

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Από τη συγκέντρωση αλληλεγγύης στον Τάσο Θεοφίλου…

pano   16

24   enypa

Από τους δρόμους της πάτρας για τον Τάσο Θεοφίλου…



Πανό που κρεμάστηκε έξω από το παράρτημα, καρτολίνες και αφίσες σε διάφορα σημεία της πόλης.



[Nota de Sin Banderas Ni Fronteras: traducimos y difundimos información que había estado circulando en griego e inglés hace unas semanas respecto a la detención de María Theofilou, hermana del preso anarco comunista Tasos Theofilou y pareja de Giorgos  Petrakakos, arrestado en septiembre en el marco de las detenciones por el caso de la organzación Lucha Revolucionaria. Esta nueva detención se sitúa como parte de la represión y la persecución vengativa contra familiares, amigxs y personas solidarias con anarquistas en prisión, jugadas del poder que también han sucedido en Chile, España y otros lugares. La situación de María T. se suma a las medidas restrictivas con que aun permanecen, luego de su excarcelación, la madre de dos compañeros de CCF y la esposa de uno de ellos.]
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Greece: Anarchist prisoner Tasos Theofilou deregistered from university by Ministry of Justice


According to an article on OmniaTV, the Ministry of Justice did not allow anarchist-communist prisoner Tasos Theofilou to complete his education at the National Kapodistrian University of Athens, despite the fact that the prison council had approved his controlled and supervised access to the internet. The ministry justified this decision based on the fact that the program Tasos was enrolled in did not lead to a bachelor degree, however the article states that the law was clearly misinterpreted.

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Greece: The persecution of the families of political prisoners by the state continues


The following information comes to us via BlackCat; a sociologist, translator and writer from Greece.

Female relatives and partners of prisoners are still being targeted by the Greek state in an effort to isolate prisoners and repress solidarity movements. Women are seen as an ‘easy target’ whose repression facilitates the prevalence of a climate of fear impeding the struggles against injustice.
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Publication of anarchist-communist Tasos Theofilou book: 32 Steps or reports from the house of the dead – Greece


Publication of Tasos Theofilou book:
32 Steps or reports from the house of the dead

Introduction note:

Prison is not only incarceration, pan optic surveillance, sensory
deprivation and the always present violence from above or from bellow.
Prison is not only the constant addiction to the sound of a heavy door
locking and unlocking. It is not only the endless rock of the yard. It
not only the use of smack to oppress any intention of revolting against
the brutality. It is not only the extreme poverty of the lumpen
proletariat, as well as the ostentatious wealth of illegal capitalism,
which exist to remind that class stratification is not absent even from
the basements of society.
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