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Black and Green Network was started in 2000 to try and bridge the gap between US based and international green anarchist groups. Throughout the 2000s, Black and Green hosted numerous gatherings, events, a large distro, and, the part that remains, Black and Green Press.

Black and Green Press is dedicated to publishing anarcho-primitivist/green anarchist material to push the critique of civilization further and encourage rewilding and resistance.
All content on this site comes from Kevin Tucker unless stated otherwise.
For the destruction of civilization and a reconnection with wildness.

The baseline principles behind Black and Green are;

  • We are born mentally and physically as nomadic gatherer-hunters.
  • Nomadic gatherer-hunter society represents a form of primal anarchy. That is functional instead of philosophical. This doesn’t make those within those societies saints or angels, it makes them human.
  • Domestication makes civilization possible.
  • Civilization (the culture of cities) begins with agriculture which has always and will always be rooted in attempts to conquer and destroy wildness.
  • All civilizations have or will collapse.
  • The civilization we currently face is a globally tied, technologically dependent modernity. And it is well beyond its prime.
  • Domesticators will bleed the earth and its inhabitants dry if it can.
  • Civilization is the enemy, domestication is the process.
  • Collapse is a process and not an event. It is well underway and the peak of cheap oil marked it’s last grasp. We are stuck in the decline.
  • Since domestication is the process of suppressing our gatherer-hunter minds, bodies and communities, the process can be undone. That process is rewilding.
  • Wildness exists in all places, at all times. Reconnecting does not require a Revolution. It is not a place (wilderness) or an ideal (“nature”) or a set of skills (survivalism).
  • Rewilding and resistance exist in the same realm.
  • As civilization continues it’s rapid decline, the suppression on the behalf of the State continues to worsen. Security culture is a survival tactic. Learn it, embody it.
Black and Green Press has absolutely no connection with or solidarity with the ideas, players, or anything else related to Deep Green Resistance, Derrick Jensen, and Lierre Keith.


I’ll continue to fill this page out with pertinent talks, articles, debates, and interviews.
If you’d like to contact Kevin or John about a talk, interview, debate, or anything short of talking to government figures and pledge drives, use the contact tab.

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