Chile’s Red Tide: On the Catastrophe of the Salmon Farms and Maritime Devastation


(An anarchist critique and propaganda unto the deranged machinery of death)

“Ecosystems will mutate rapidly and radically thanks to human stupidity, expressed in buckets of genetic manipulation. Once a new agent or gene is released on an ecosystem, it cannot recuperate itself: the ecosystem mutates. The number of variables is infinite, impossible to predict, impossible to regulate and there is no turning back: once an ecosystem is modified it cannot go back to what it was. One mistake kills hundreds of species, and mutates many others…. And human beings do not live beyond the ecosystem.” Anticivilization Manifesto
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BAGR3: Wild Resistance, Insurgent Subsistence: An interview with BC green anarchists on native resistance, building community and undermining civilization.


Fracking, tar sands, sour gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG) conversion stations and pipelines; in all cases, it would appear that our native friends up north have been trail blazing persistent resistance to the new wave of resource extraction and distribution. As they seem to typify it, it’s just the new face of colonization, but an old enemy.

I had the pleasure of speaking to non-native green anarchists from British Columbia who have been involved with and supporting these encampments and have been able to give us some more details about the encampments, the challenges that they expose for anarchists and as non-natives, the contexts of decolonization and effective forms of resistance, and, most importantly, the role of community and subsistence.
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[Modena] Presentazione L’Urlo della Terra e Incontro di Liberazione Animale al Ligèra

incontro giove 26_679x960

Finland: Update on Imprisoned Pyhäjoki Activist


(Stockholm sent us a postcard: “Solidarity from Stockholm to Pyhäjoki! Fuck Fennovoima-Rosatom! Fuck the cops! Fuck the states!”)

The Reclaim the Cape -action week took place in Pyhäjoki from 22 April to 1 May of 2016 and dozens of people where detained by the police. 11 activists were arrested. Five of them were released in a few days after the detention. After this, six activists were still kept in remand prison. One activist still remains in prison.
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The Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons (or FTP) and an interview with Ben Turk about the recent prisoner strikes


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This week on the show we feature an interview with Panagioti, who is an organizer with the Campaign to Fight Toxic Prisons. From their website:
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Sobre motines, disturbios y otras expresiones de revuelta al interior de las cárceles mexicanas. Revista Negación #7


Quizás suela ser un poco difícil escribir algo al respecto del título de este artículo, sobre todo situando la reflexión a partir de una perspectiva anarquista. Primeramente, porque en esta parte del mundo las experiencias de lucha proyectual organizada, específicamente las que se dan entre presos y compañeros de afuera en contra la cárcel, no hay muchas. En su mayoría han sido y son actos de apoyo y solidaridad que han acompañado las luchas o reivindicaciones de algunos presos anarquistas, indígenas insurgentes, libertarios, etcétera, recluidos en cárceles mexicanas. Actos solidarios de gran importancia sin duda alguna, pero no bastos para proyectar una lucha puntual contra la cárcel. En segunda, porque para hablar sobre motines y disturbios en las cárceles para situarlo en una perspectiva de conflicto e insurreccional, necesitamos de la vivencia cotidiana de quienes están ahí recluidos, para que en conjunto y mediante un eje teórico, podamos situar los actos fuera de discursos victimistas o buenistas; discursos propios de quienes quieren reformar el mundo y las cárceles.
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Soli picture for Lautonomia prisoners

Lautonomia evicted!


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Today, May 18th 2016, the Forest occupation in the Lusatian lignite mining area is cleared by the police.
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Del 5 de Junio al 5 de Julio / Llamado al mes por la Tierra y contra el Capital.


“La lucha se da en un territorio determinado, con características bien específicas, con enemigos bien concretos y con sus particularidades, conocer todos estos elementos es nuestra responsabilidad”.
Documentos para una topología insurreccional.

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Se realizarán segundas jornadas en defensa de la tierra en Concepción


Para los meses de abril y mayo se realizarán las segundas jornadas teórico/prácticas en defensa de la tierra. El evento contará con 4 actividades en donde se desarrollarán diferentes talleres de introducción a la agroecología, lombricultura y condiciones de suelo, además de realizar un trafkintu-intercambio de semillas. La actividad se realizará en la Ocupación Nueva Esperanza, ubicada en la ciudad de Concepción, sector las princesas.
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Germany: Lautonomia Forest Occupation Being Evicted


Today, on the 18th of May, our forest occupation in the Lusatian lignite mining region is being evicted by the police. Here you can find the most current information:


3:45 pm
§315b section 3 is supposed to be the reason for their bail hearing, a paragraph dealing with dangerous interference with road traffic. This has allegedly happened in the context of Ende Gelaende. The minimum penalty is 6 months for a less severe case, and between 1 and 10 years for a more severe case.
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