Germany: Police Raid Hambach Forest Camp and Project House; Five Arrested


Düren, 11.04.16: Police raid at the camp in the Hambach Forest and at the W.A.A. (a supporting house project in Düren); computers, electronics and banners were confiscated; several people arrested.

This morning police forces searched the occupied meadow at the Hambach Forest and the W.A.A. in Düren, a house project used for anti-coal resistance. The official cause was to gather evidence for the latest protests against the forest clearance. All computers and banners were confiscated. At least five people were arrested.

According to the activists, the searches have an obvious intention: “They are trying to debilitate the climate movement and to threaten individuals by the use of random arrests and confiscations – the prosecution is just a pretence,” Mia Gruber, an activist at the occupied meadow, explained. There were massive accusations against the police in Düren because of many inter-dependencies and collaboration between police and RWE [the energy company destroying the forest].

The anti-coal protests are getting larger and more frequent. There is a new forest occupation in the Lusatian Lignite Mining Area and Ende Gelände appeals for massive civil disobedience in May. The Hambach Forest has been occupied for four years now to fight the destruction of the forest.

As a result the repression is escalating: several compas were temporarily arrested during the last year, and police operations and attacks are heaping.

Come to the forest and visit the house project! Support needed!

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