Ontario, Canada: Hundreds of Mink Released from Fur Farm


In the early hours of April 30, over 500 mink were released from their cages at Willow Pond Farm in Ontario, Bite Back reports.

This act of animal liberation comes about six months after the release of undercover footage from the same fur farm. That footage, released by the ALF in October of 2015, shows seemingly endless rows of caged mink. The communique that accompanied the video says that ALF members “witnessed injured mink with gaping wounds crammed into small cages that were covered in dirt and feces” at the Willow Pond mink farm. The posting of the footage online followed a string of mink liberations and other animal-related direct actions in Ontario in 2015. Read more about these actions in the article “Ontario, Canada: Escalation in Underground Action Against the Fur Industry,” Earth First! Journal, Yule 2015, p. 44.