A statue of a matador in front of the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid was splashed with red paint during the night of May 14-15. photo:

Hundreds of Animals Rescued from Farms (uk)


“This is a report of actions carried out by the alf in the south of England over the last four months. All of the animals liberated now have homes  for life where they can live out their lives free from pain, fear, abuse and  murder. These actions are dedicated to all our prisoners and those suffering  repression around the world and for lost comrades who will never be forgotten, Gilly and Marion. 100 BATTERY HENS 25 TURKEYS 25 TURKEYS 100 BATTERY HENS 50 BATTERY HENS 160 BATTERY HENS 3 RABBITS 2 GUINEA PIGS 6 DUCKS

Until all are free

bite back

Support animal liberation prisoners Nicole & Joseph (USA)


(flyer/ benefit event in february 2016)

In early 2016, Joseph Buddenberg and Nicole Kissane signed non-cooperating plea agreements in which they pled guilty to Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. Joseph and Nicole were accused of releasing thousands of animals from fur farms, and causing damage to other businesses associated with the fur industry, in the summer and autumn of 2013.
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Rat Attack’s zine !


Nous avons décider de faire un zine disponible en anglais et en francais autour de Rat Attack, avec des informations pratiques et des textes de théorie autour de l’évènement.

Certains de ces textes ont étés écrits par le crew de Rat Attack, d’autres par des camarades. En les diffusants nous ne faisons que tenter de pousser à la réfléxion, de creer un environnement propice à un questionnement approfondi de nos pratiques et de ce qui nous entoure et nous permet de donner un aperçu trop bref de idées autour de ce rassemblement et de ce qui pourra y être abordé.

Zine: English version

Zine: version francaise

Animal Liberation Front Sets Fire to Hunters’ Shooting Range in Germany


(photo: Hildesheimer Allgemeinen Zeitung)

The ALF set fire to a shooting range used by hunters in Banteln (Hildesheim) on the night of May 6-7.

Full claim of responsibility (German):
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PANTHERES ENRAGEES: intervista al gruppo francese


Abbiamo intervistato il gruppo francese Pantheres Enragees che ci dà spunti di riflessione su cosa si sta agitando oltralpe. Lo diciamo sempre e riconosciamo l’importanza di ripeterlo: l’interconnessione delle lotte è una rotta fondamentale per attaccare questo sistema di dominio nei suoi diversi piani. Evitare di collegare le diverse forme di autoritarismo e antropocentrismo, oltre che fare da effetto placebo per un vero cambiamento verso una liberazione totale, lascia gioco facile a tutti quei gruppi che appropriandosi di lotte altrui e mascherando i loro reali pensieri razzisti e gerarchici, riescono nel loro intento di fare proselitismo e aggregazione.
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Thessaloniki, Greece: Easter sabotage at meat-markets (en/gr)


On 30/04, we sabotaged the lockers of 18 meat-stores (in 3 of them butchers were locked inside), blocking for a while their preparation for the biggest sale of dead animals for the Easter Sunday.
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14 de mayo en Madrid – Jornada antiespecista


Lxs compas del colectivo Alerta Antiespecista han organizado esta jornada antiespecista tan bonita para el próximo día 14 de mayo en el Centro Social ReOkupado La Quimera, en la Plaza de Nelson Mandela (Plaza de Cabestreros) del barrio de Lavapiés, en el centro de Madrid. Tras recibir la información y el cartel de una compañera del colectivo, difundo a continuación invitando a asistir a todxs lxs que estéis en Madrid y os pueda interesar:

12:30 -Presentación del colectivo (a cargo de compas miembros de Alerta Antiespecista).
13:00 – Liberación animal: Compromiso y lucha (a cargo de Eneko Pérez).
– Tapas y comida vegana –
18:00 – El marxismo y la cuestión de la especie (a cargo de Renzo Llorente)


Vegan in Marseille

Bouffe vegan anti-répression le 7 mai à 12h

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Bouffe en soutien aux inculpé-es du Manba 3 et de la manif du 28 avril.
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Joseph Buddenberg Sentenced to Two Years Under Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act


This morning in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, Joseph Buddenberg was sentenced to two years in federal prison for Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA). The sentencing follows his signing a non-cooperating plea agreement in which he plead guilty to conspiring to free thousands of animals from fur farms throughout the U.S. and to cause damage to businesses associated with the fur industry.
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