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Anarchy Can’t Fight Alone


Kuwasi Balagoon

Anarchy Can’t Fight Alone

Of all ideologies, anarchy is the one that addresses liberty and equalitarian relations in a realistic and ultimate fashion. It is consistent with each individual having an opportunity to live a complete and total life, With anarchy, the society as a whole not only maintains itself at an equal expense to all, but progresses in a creative process unhindered by any class, caste or party. This is because the goals of anarchy don’t include replacing one ruling class with another, neither in the guise of a fairer boss or as a party. This is key because this is what separates anarchist revolutionaries from Maoist, socialist and nationalist revolutionaries who from the onset do not embrace complete revolution. They cannot envision a truly free and equalitarian society and must to some extent embrace the socialization process that makes exploitation and oppression possible and prevalent in the first place.

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Brink’s Trial Closing Statement



Kuwasi Balagoon

For the record, i’ll say right now, that this place is an armed camp. It has the trappings and props of a court. A state-issued clone in a black robe, an ambitious state-issued clone of the state table, a fenced off area, and a section for spectators with a smaller section for members of the press, who can listen to an opening statement and between them, not one mentions anything i said about America being an Imperialist empire that among other things holds New Afrikan people in subjection or that the U.S. government while hypocritically speaking of human rights in places like Poland never mentions the political prisoners it holds and calls grand jury resisters.
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Letters from Prison


Kuwasi Balagoon ( 1983-1985)

The Trial

April 12 1983 1983-1985

We’ve been dealing with the public movements so much with explaining our stance and perceptions that it has twisted me to the point where i’ve written very little suitable for publication for Bulldozer. Having to unify with M-L [Marxist-Leninist] and Nationalist and to defend the rights to nationalist aspirations have pulled me a bit out of line with my predilections…

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US prisons: A writing by longterm anarchist prisoner Michael Kimble for Black December


Black December in memory of our fallen comrades

Just as a worm struggles in resistance against the foot that crushes it so do we anarchists struggle and fight for the total destruction of a world system of coercive authority and domination in all of its manifestations and that wants to crush our spirits of resistance.
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