International call by C.C.F. for the campaign Fuck Nations- Squat the World


The well-regulated normality of social life within systems of power is not the product of a one-dimensional strategic perception that follows a determined path, but on the contrary it’s the totality of many well-thought and tested logics, tactics and practices. It’s a fact that power would not be what it is today, had it not been in a constant process of self-evolution covering previous deficiencies and weaknesses in the management of social tolerance of its followers. It is not accidental that there have been and continue to appear entire political and philosophical currents that examine the necessity of power structures within human societies. Through the constant  appearance of experiments, studies and dissertations, a series of political and scientific think-tanks arm the hand of power with more and more specialized methods that ensure social tolerance.
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Greece: Text of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire for the Court of Appeal (en/es)


On the 20th of April starts the second grade trial not only for the C.C.F. Case and some of its actions, but also for some other different cases of anarchists accused for actions of revolutionary violence. All these cases were attached to each other in a single trial, in order to serve many different and parallel judiciary manipulations against all those accused.
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SOLIDRITY TO OLGA ECONOMIDOU by CCF & Theofilos Mavropoulos..
“Turn off the main switch in this dump. Here the beautiful becomes ugly, the choice becomes a habit and the meaningless important. Prison dirties creases and swallows pieces of dreams, desires, thoughts and feelings. Its most permanent residents, the majority of the prisoners are now a part of the appliances of the prisons. Bars, yard, cameras,locks, prisoners mix all together and re-enact the world of captivity. Nothing is worthy of captivity. Nothing is worthy in here. Come let’s go and don’t look back….Only fire will cleanse this place…..”
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Greece: Update on the comrade – hunger striker Theofilos Mavropoulos


The health condition of the hunger striker Theofilos Mavropoulos, who is being hospitalized guarded in the State Hospital of Nikea, has deteriorated. According to the lab results, he showed an electrolytic disorder (low potassium), which the doctors try to work out, while at the same time respecting his personal choice of continuing the hunger strike.
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update from Greece Prisons


Lamia, Greece: Dimitris Koufontinas, on hunger strike since 2/3, currently hospitalised

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Aggiornamenti dalla Grecia




L’anarchico  Fivos Charisis(ndt:  della Rete dei prigionieri in lotta,in sciopero della fame dal 2 marzo per  l’abolizione dell’articolo 187  e dell’articolo 187A , della legge sul travisamento, della legge sulle prigioni di tipo C, del rilascio del membro della 17 Novembre Savvas Xiros per ragioni di salute oltre ad altre richieste)in sciopero della fame dal 2 marzo,è stato trasferito all’ospedale  Tzanio al Pireo.Il suo stato di salute risulta seriamente deteriorato,ha perso circa il 13%del peso corporeo, ed ha varie complicazioni dovute allo sciopero della fame ed alla sua storia clinica di asma bronchiale.
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Atenas: El huelguista de hambre Theofilos Mavropoulos trasladado al hospital (19/3)


El 19 de marzo del 2015 el  preso miembro de la Conspiración de Células del Fuego Theofilos Mavropoulos fue trasladado desde las prisiones de Koridallos al hospital Geniko Kratiko de Nikaia. Según lxs médicxs que lo examinaron, el compa había perdido el 9 % de su peso corporal al inicio de la huelga (2 de marzo), además de presentar intensa palidez, debilidad, cansancio incluso al mínimo esfuerzo al caminar unos metros, hipotensión ortostática, arritmia e inestabilidad hemodinámica.

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updates from Greece prisoners – en/es


Greece: Update on anarchist hunger striker Fivos Charisis

The comrade has been transferred in Tzanio hospital in Pireus. His health has severely deteriorated, as he has lost almost 13% of his body weight, he has various problems because of the strike and has a medical history of bronchial asthma.

Greece: Update on the comrade – hunger striker Theofilos Mavropoulos

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Text by CCF-FAI/IRF – Imprisoned Members Cell about the proposal of Nikos Maziotis concerning the Solidarity Assembly (Greece)

Text from the comrades concerning the creation of an assembly of solidarity and action with the political prisoners.


i) C’ Type prisons – an act of war

C’ Type prisons wish to become the monument of the State’s victory against the urban guerrilla warfare. It is a bet for us, if we’re going to let a thousand tonnes of concrete, bars and locks beat the human will for freedom, a bet which is to be answered through action by the enemies of the regime and the friends of freedom.
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Greece: CCF – Bullets of words for the bullets of FAI/FRI (en/it/gr)


It is a wonderful moment, the moment that the enemy kneels and falls from the determination of your brothers and sisters. A few days ago Roberto Adinolfi, CEO-magister of the nuclear energy company Ansaldo Nucleare, was shot by our brothers and sisters of the Olga Cell of the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI)–International Revolutionary Front (FRI).
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