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Por Ted kaczynski[1]

Me gustaría comentar algunas de las afirmaciones que fueron hechas respecto al manifiesto de Unabomber en el nº 40-41 de Green Anarchist. En un artículo que aparece en las páginas 21-22, Anti-Authoritarians Anonymous escribían:

[El] retorno a modos de vida autónomos y no domesticados no se conseguiría solamente mediante la eliminación del industrialismo. Tras dicha eliminación aún seguiría habiendo dominación de la naturaleza, subyugación de las mujeres, guerra, religión, estado y división del trabajo, por citar algunas patologías sociales básicas. Es la propia civilización la que debe ser desmantelada para llegar a donde Unabomber quiere llegar.

‘Empty House & Crowded Forest’ by Eat (Indonesia)


Here we release the finished PDF version of the surreal children’s book written by Eat (Reyhard Rumbayan) and illustrated by Lukas.

“This book is dedicated to all imprisoned members of Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, Revolutionary Struggle, Marco Camenisch, Gabriel Pombo da Silva, Ted K and all the nihilist rebels across the globe. Salute!”

PDF: ‘Empty House & Crowded Forest

La Verita’ sulla vita primitiva: una critica all’anarcoprimitivismo

(Clicca sull’immagine qui sopra per scaricare in formato opuscolo)

Abbiamo deciso, come RadioAzione, di tradurre un testo di Ted Kaczynski del 2008 e metterlo a disposizione gratuitamente in formato opuscolo per chi lo vorrà leggere e distribuire.
Ricordiamo che gli opuscoli, o altro materiale, di Edizioni RadioAzione sono benefit per i compagni anarchici detenuti.
Quindi se lo diffondete ricordatevi di questo particolare.
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La nave dei folli – di Ted Kaczynski


C’era una volta una nave il cui capitano e marinai divennero così fieri della propria maestria, così pieni di hybris e così fieri di se stessi che impazzirono. Girarono la nave verso nord e navigarono fino ad incontrare iceberg e pericolose correnti e continuarono a navigare a nord verso acque via via più perigliose, solamente per godere della possibilità d’eseguire atti di navigazione sempre più brillanti.
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Why the Technological System Will Destroy Itself


Ted Kaczynski


Our discussion deals with self-propagating systems. By a self-propagating system (‘self-prop system’ for short) we mean a system that tends to promote its own survival and propagation. A system may propagate itself in either or both of two ways: The system may indefinitely increase its own size and/or power, or it may give rise to new systems that possess some of its own traits.

The most obvious examples of self-propagating systems are biological organisms. Groups of biological organisms can also constitute self-prop systems; e.g., wolf packs and hives of honeybees. Particularly important for our purposes are self-prop systems that consist of groups of human beings. For example, nations, corporations, labor unions, and political parties; also some groups that are not clearly delimited and lack formal organization, such as schools of thought, social networks, and subcultures. Just as wolf packs and beehives are self-propagating without any conscious intention on the part of wolves or bees to propagate their packs or their hives, there is no reason why a human group cannot be self-propagating independently of any intention on the part of the individuals who comprise the group.

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Interview with Ted Kaczynski


Theresa Kintz


Kaczynski’s story represents a parable:

Once upon a time there was a continent covered with beautiful pristine wilderness, where giant trees towered over lush mountainsides and rivers ran wild and free through deserts, where raptors soared and beavers labored at their pursuits and people lived in harmony with wild nature, accomplishing every task they needed to accomplish on a daily basis using only stones, bones and wood, walking gently on the Earth. Then came the explorers, conquerors, missionaries, soldiers, merchants and immigrants with their advanced technology, guns, and government. The wild life that had existed for millennia started dying, killed by a disease brought by alien versions of progress, arrogant visions of manifest destiny and a runaway utilitarian science.

In just 500 years, almost all the giant trees have been clear-cut and chemicals now poison the rivers; the eagle has faced extinction and the beaver’s work has been supplanted by the Army Corps of Engineers. And how have the people fared? What one concludes is most likely dependent on how well one is faring economically, emotionally and physically in this competitive technological world and the level of privilege one is afforded by the system. But for those who feel a deep connection to, a love and longing for, the wilderness and the wildness that once was, for the millions now crowded in cities, poor and oppressed, unable to find a clear target for their rage because the system is virtually omnipotent, these people are not faring well. All around us, as a result of human greed and a lack of respect for all life, wild nature and Mother Earth’s creatures are suffering. These beings are the victims of industrial society.

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When Non-Violence is Suicide (en/es)


Ted Kaczynski

It’s the autumn of 2025 AD. The technoindustrial system fell apart a year ago, but you and your friends are doing alright. Your garden has flourished this past summer and in your cabin you have a good supply of dried vegetables, dried beans and other foodstuffs to get you through the coming winter. Just now you’re harvesting your potatoes. With your spades, you and your friends uproot one potato after another and pick the plump tubers out of the soil.

Suddenly the friend at your elbow nudges you and you look up. Uh-oh. A gang of mean-looking men is coming up your trail. They have guns. They look like trouble, but you stand firm. The leader of the gang walks up to you and says,

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The System’s Neatest Trick


Ted Kaczynski


The supreme luxury of the society of technical necessity will be to grant the bonus of useless revolt and of an acquiescent smile. —Jacques Ellul[1]

The System has played a trick on today’s would-be revolutionaries and rebels. The trick is so cute that if it had been consciously planned one would have to admire it for its almost mathematical elegance.

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