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Benzin på Bålet – “Gasoline on the Fire” (Denmark)


New Danish-language anarchist site.
The goal is to create a small part of the needed infrastructure for a
living and developing anarchist tendency in danish-speaking territory.
To that end we publish translations, texts, news, propaganda, etc. of
relevance to anarchists.
Archive of translations and ready-to-print pamphlets and other
propaganda is under construction.
Groups and individuals can send their texts for publication.
The name means “gasoline on the fire”… It is an expression which
means escalating a situation of conflict or adding fuel to the anger.

For Anarchy!

Link: http://benzinpaabaalet.noblogs.org/

Contact: benzinpaabaalet (at) riseup (dot) net

Denmark: On the recent repression in Copenhagen


Insurrection News received on 17.08.15:

At 5.30 am Thursday August 13, the anti-authoritarian collective BumZen was raided by a gang of masked cops from the police anti-criminal gang unit. They were followed by an army of armed cops, who handcuffed everyone present in the building at the time. The pretext given was that they were looking for participants in a riotous Reclaim The Streets demo the previous weekend. However, it is clear to us that this was a politically motivated operation against the infrastructure of the radical movement.
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Denmark: Fur Farm Vandalized, Mink Dyed and Freed


All the remaining mink were released into the compound after the other actions took place.

The action took place 01:00 – 04:00.

The address to the place is Kærgårdvej 17.

Cameras were destroyed.

Wires were cut and destroyed.

Slogan were written with graffiti.

Paint bombs were thrown.

Most of the mink were dye in red or orange non-toxic hair dye. Rendering the pelt useless.

The living conditions were very bad.

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