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2016 Zine Catalog is Up and Ready!


We send zines to prisoners throughout the state of Oregon. Below you will find our most current catalog along with links to all associated zines. If you know a prisoner who would like to receive a catalog have them write to us at

Portland ABC
109 SE Alder st.
unit #0717
Portland Oregon 97214

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you can find links to all of our zines in the catalog here


Athens Zinefest 2016


“Johann Most” by Emma Goldman


Johann Most is one of the more misunderstood figures in U.S. anarchist history. His reputation is shaped by a legacy of vilification in the mainstream press, with the foreign-born Most being the target of relentless attacks by the newspapers of his day. In Most, the forces of capitalism and order found the stereotype of the wild-eyed anarchist bent on destruction.

This zine presents a biographical essay about Most by Emma Goldman, originally published in The American Mercury. It is notable for its profoundly human portrayal of Most, providing a biographical sketch and evaluating his role in the movement.

The essay is accompanied by a critical introduction that explores how Most has been portrayed over the years.



slo zine

I became aware of the existence of zines around 1993, when one of the Slovenian local music zines, Rock Vibe managed to get regular distribution. It was sold in every kiosk, or newsstand, right next to Bravo. Bravo was a music biweekly from Germany that included stickers and posters of New Kids on the Block, Roxette, 2 Unlimited, Guns’n’Roses, and other teen idols.

EFFRA PARADE-The Eviction Of A Community-(Pamphlet-South London Stress-UK-1999)

img519    img530

Reprint from issues 32-6 of Crowbar,the Brixton Squatters newspaper 1982-89.Put together in memory by the The South London Stress crew.
A collective of Squatters from South London active on the end of the 90s at the 121 squatted @centre and  at the 56a InfoShop.

For a bit of history talking about gentrification and evictions of communities.
History repeating itself.