2016 Zine Catalog is Up and Ready!


We send zines to prisoners throughout the state of Oregon. Below you will find our most current catalog along with links to all associated zines. If you know a prisoner who would like to receive a catalog have them write to us at

Portland ABC
109 SE Alder st.
unit #0717
Portland Oregon 97214

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you can find links to all of our zines in the catalog here

2016 Zine Catalog is Up and Ready!

[Fanzine] La Distribuidora Anarquista Polaris edita en formato fanzine el texto “Negros presagios: Política anarquista en la era del colapso”, de Uri Gordon.


La Distribuidora Anarquista Polaris (Pontevedra) compartió por vía e-mail este nuevo trabajo que acaban de publicar, con el texto “Negros Presagios: Política anarquista en la era del colapso”, un análisis del anarquista israelí Uri Gordon sobre la situación actual de esta decadente sociedad industrial, su catastrófico pronóstico y las posibilidades que esto ofrece para que las luchas anarquistas puedan florecer y fortalecerse.
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Black Rose Book Distro’s profile photo Black Rose Book Distro


We’re super-excited to share with y’all news of a new anti-authoritarian book & zine distro starting up this spring in St. Louis, MO. Black Rose Books & Zines will be a de-centralized, non-profit project to put some of our favorite radical books into broader circulation in the StL-area.
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ABC No Rio Zine Library


The ABC No Rio Zine Library contains over thirteen thousand publications. Our collection includes independent, underground and marginal publications on subjects such as music, culture, politics, personal experience and travel. We are most interested in zines addressing political and social issues. Our focus does not include poetry.
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A Boulder Distro


Hello. We are A Boulder on the Tracks, mobile bookstore and anarchist distro. You may have seen us tabling around the midwest over the last few years. We carry pamphlets, new and used books, and a few other things. We’ve finally gotten around to having an online distro.
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09.01.2016: [Беларусь | Belarus]:




27 De Diciembre, Jornada Anticarcelaria En Barcelona


El proper 27 de desembre es portaràn a terme unes jornades anticarcelàries a la Pl. Revolució en el marc de la 19a Marxa Contra les Presons i en Solidaritat amb les Persones Preses que tindrà lloc el 31 de desembre.

Distri La Polilla

KL Zine Fest & Distro Day Out


KL Zine Fest & Distro Day Out
19 Dec 2015
Findars, Jln Panggung, KL
12pm ’till 8pm

Zine not dead! Marilah ajak teman teman

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INDOKUMENTADO is a section of the Onsite Infoshop devoted to research and publication, it seeks to explore anarchism as distinctly practiced in the archipelago through the multi-disciplinary approach of science, social sciences, folklore and actual practices.  We are interested to trace this tradition of Philippine anarchism from the Pleistocene era to establish our basis for asserting non-hierarchical politics. We also want to learn from our prehistoric past, proto-history and documented history to regain our “own” self and identity.  From the wisdom of our primitive social relationships we can conceptualize development that upholds equality and forge a society free from patriarchy and ecology friendly.
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