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African Anarchism: The history of a movement


The first book ever written on this subject, African Anarchism was co-written by Sam Mbah and fellow Nigerian, I.E. Igariway. After dealing with questions such as what anarchism is and isn’t, this groundbreaking book introduces the reader to anarchistic elements in traditional African societies, with a focus on Nigeria. It also examines the influence of anarchism on African national liberation struggles, and the failure of State Socialist governments in Africa. The book addresses the ongoing social, economic and political crises caused by colonialism in Africa. The authors end by considering the future prospects and challenges for anarchism in Africa. Published in 1997, the book maintains its relevance today. African Anarchism is available in hard copy from the publishers See Sharp Press, and online.
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An Irish anarchist in Africa


These pages are part of a travel diary kept by an Irish anarchist who travelled through Africa in 2000. They are useful in terms of giving non-Africans an introduction to the difficulties in organising there and the way capitalism has left the continent impoverished. They were originally written as emails to friends back home rather then as a political essay but we think they are useful in providing a general background.
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Anarchism in Africa

Welcome to African Anarchism! This site is intended to be a resource for anarchists and other anti-authoritarian revolutionary socialists in Africa, and for all those interested in the liberation of this most exploited continent. Africa has endured centuries of suffering and deprivation in a world of plenty. Capitalism has indisputably failed to provide even a minimum standard of living to Africans. The authoritarian capitalists who called themselves “state socialists” have also proved to offer no answers to the problems of the continent.
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Presos políticos en las cárceles marroquíes


Antes, queremos destacar el premio como defensora de los derechos humanos que la ONU ha concedido a nuestra amiga y compañera Khadija Ryadi, ex presidenta de la Asociación Marroquí de Derechos Humanos (AMDH), por “su lucha desde 1983 por diversas causas de los derechos humanos, especialmente contra la impunidad, y por la igualdad entre hombres y mujeres, la autodeterminación y la libertad de expresión, cualquiera que sea la orientación sexual”. Khadija ha dedicado su premio a tod@s l@s pres@s políticos en cárceles de Marruecos.
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Issue #2 of the Newsletter of the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective



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Welcome to the second issue of Tokologo, produced by the Tokologo African Anarchist Collective.Why do we publish this? We publish it because our country is crying out for an alternative. And that alternative is anarchism, which stands for a free and democratic society, run from the grassroots, in communities and workplaces, and based on equality and freedom. In such a society, wealth like land and factories would be collectively owned; production would be directed to meeting basic needs and ensuring environmental sustainability. In such a society, everyone would have a say in all matters that affect them; poverty and deprivation would be abolished; hatred and competition would be replaced by cooperation and mutual aid by all peoples.

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